Baseball America has released their annual list of the Rays Top 10 prospects. The number in parentheses is that player’s 2010 ranking…

  1. Jeremy Hellickson, RHP (2)
  2. Matt Moore, LHP (4)
  3. Desmond Jennings, OF (1)
  4. Jake McGee, RHP (8)
  5. Josh Sale, OF (NR)
  6. Alex Torres, LHP (9)
  7. Alex Colome, RHP (7)
  8. Justin O’Connor, C (NR)
  9. Drew Vettleson, OF (NR)
  10. Jake Thompson, RHP (NR)

A few notes on the list…

  • The list includes the Rays top-4 draft picks from this past season which either means Baseball America thinks very highly of the Rays draft or the system just isn’t as deep as it has been.
  • No surprise that Jeremy Hellickson moves to the top, but Matt Moore leap-frogging Desmond Jennings is a bit of a surprise. Of course, leading the minors in strikeouts two straight season can have that effect.
  • Jeremy Hellickson, Desmond Jennings and Jake McGee all figure to be significant contributors at the big league level in 2011.


  1. phil says:

    They have a chance in the 2011 draft to really build their farm system!

  2. Charles says:

    What do we know about Justin O'Connor? It's nice having a catcher up there in the top 10.

  3. J.P. says:

    Enny Romero and Nick Barnese were #s 11 & 12 respectively, according to Bill Ballew, during their live afternoon chat yesterday.

  4. rally ray says:

    Alex Cobb?

  5. Ragin Rick says:

    leslie anderson?

  6. Tom says:

    Tim Beckham has really fallen.

    • Preston says:

      Unfortunate that the kid was a bust.

      • Beth says:

        You don't think it's a tad early to say "bust?" I'm not saying he hasn't been disappointing thus far, but he's 20 years old. Let's at least wait until he starts shaving before we use a term like "bust."

        • Matt says:

          He'll always be a bust in my mind considering that we could've had Buster Posey. Unless, beckham wins a rookie of the year in a couple years(unlikely)

          • staplemaniac says:

            Your logic is idiotic. If he becomes a regular major leaguer then he won't be a 'bust.' Was it a bad pick? Maybe, but just because someone better was drafted after him doesn't make him a bust. Was BJ Upton a bust? We could have had Prince Fielder or any of a number of players who are better than he is. It's too soon to call him a bust, just because someone else's (COLLEGE) player is doing better than our (HIGH SCHOOL) player.

  7. Gary says:

    19 yr old LHP Enny Romero may very well rocket up the list next year.He is listed as # 11 by Baseball America.He already hits 96-97 with a great 12 to 6 curve,and a pretty good change and command.


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