Yesterday we heard that the Yankees aren’t planning to “make a hard charge” for Carl Crawford. The feeling is that the Yankees are content with Brett Gardner in left field and would rather spend money elsewhere.

But at least one “rival GM” (*cough*Theo Epstein *cough*) thinks the Yankees are just trying to pull a rope-a-dope on the competition (via Ken Rosenthal)…

If the Yankees are so serious about “running a business,” is it really in their best interests for them to commit to another 30-something player [Cliff Lee], albeit one who is undeniably brilliant?…One rival GM actually believes the Yankees’ rather public obsession with Lee is a ruse, that they secretly want Tampa Bay Rays free-agent outfielder Carl Crawford, 29, instead.

Remember, the Yankees never showed any interest in Mark Teixeira either, and then at the last moment swept in and signed him to a $180 million contract. Of course, in that situation, Teixeira represented a significant upgrade over Jason Giambi. And the Yankees also signed CC Sabathia.

This time around, the Yankees say they want their 2011 payroll comparable to the 2010 payroll ($206M). If true, the Yankees probably can’t sign both Crawford and Lee. And if they only sign one, they need a pitcher more.



  1. Don says:

    First of all EVERYONE is interested in getting a Hall of Fame player that is 29 years old....But..
    I wonder how CC feels about going to the media circus of NY..
    going to NY for a southern boy (Texas) like Carl is somewhat short of getting sentenced to 15 years in San Quentin....
    Another angle is that CC has the same agent as CC Sabathia..
    don't know how close he is to Sabathia... but he could help a lot in getting Carl comfortable in the big City Slum....????

    • Tim says:

      You wonder how CC feels about going to the media circus of NY?

      You mean playing in packed stadiums on a team that leads MLB in attendance year after year instead of 5000 fans at a Tampa home game in the Tropicana?

      That shouldn't be a difficult choice for a any ballplayer.


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