The image below comes to us via The Score. The plucked the pic off of twitter, although we are not sure who posted the picture originally. The picture appears to be from the Rays locker room and contains a simple message (“Ziegler” most likely refers to Jeff Ziegler, the Rays travel director…

Just win two baby. Does anybody have any doubt the Rays would win a game 5 at home with David Price on the mound?



  1. Caity says:

    I still have faith in this team.. unlike everyone else who seems to comment on here. GO RAYS!

    • hellrayser says:

      Just watched CC whiff after two guys had just been walked. I can't remember a worse offensive performance by any team in the postseason in my life. What the hell has happened?! It's not over yet, but it sure looks like it is...

  2. Tim says:

    The SPT article you linked to mentions that Balfour wrote that on the board..."As Balfour was walking from the shower to his locker after Thursday's game, he looked at the large grease board that told players the bus for the airport was leaving in 45 minutes. Balfour stopped, found a green marker at the bottom of the board and wrote his own message.


  3. Charles says:

    I'm all in - this thing is not over until somebody has 3, so why not us? Let's shove the dagger deep in the heart of Texas!

  4. Don says:

    NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE....but really has nothing to do with Rays pitching...... if nobody hits the ball!
    TIP for hitters...SWING THE BAT...if you miss and strike out.... FINE...Forget Sheldon and the "walk theory"...hit the ball...or go home for the winter!

  5. Jim says:

    Go Rays! Let's get one today and see what happens.

  6. Alex says:

    How about this. How about: Let's score more than 2 runs in Texas!

  7. hellrayser says:

    Holy crap are my boys getting a lot of help with losing from the umpires. Between the CC's mysterious strikes and the bad call at second, it's nice to know that at the very least, the Rays are going to leave a little skidmark on the league's reputation on their way to oblivion this year.

  8. Jason W says:

    1. We have to make game 5 first and 2. It depends which Price we see. Price from last game, or Price from almost every start in the regular season. And we would have to face Lee again. I'm not scared of Cliff Lee, I'm scared of how our offense faces him. They have what seems to be an almost look for a walk type attack(and not their walks are bad, but you shouldt actually be looking for them), and Lee throws strikes. Thats if we make Game 5 though, hopefully this offense and pitching carries over to tommorow and any games that may happen after.


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