The following comes via “The Big Dog Show” and Steve Duemig on 620 WDAE. We are going to reserve comment. But if you want a good laugh, listen to the following commentary…

2010-10-04 — Linda the Quaker Lady.mp3



  1. Brian says:

    I heard that call live and it was absolutely hilarious! I loved when someone commented saying that since he was Jewish (which he's not) he should be more frugal with the home run pitches. Go Rays! We're pulling for you James!

  2. Cork Gaines says:

    My favorite part: *long pause* "WHAT?

  3. Don says:

    It was really Maddons mom trying to rationalize her sons idiotic decisions....It was the only thing she could come up with!

  4. Beth says:

    When I try to click on the link I get an "accessed denied" message.

    Listen, if folks are going to falsely assign Rays players to my "tribe" couldn't it be the good ones? A few months back our friend "Don" went on some weird rant where he insisted that Andy Sonnanstine was Jewish,and now there's apparently a similar claim about James Shields. If someone can find some Jewish blood in David Price's genealogy, I'd be much more enthusiastic.

    • Don says:

      Maybe their trying to tell you something with "access denied"..
      If your looking Sammy Davis Jr was jewish!

  5. Just because the man has a 'fro, doesn't mean he is Jewish. Not that there is anything wrong with rocking the Jewish Afro (Jewfro), but I rock a killer 'fro and no one ever asks me if I'm Jewish because of it.

  6. Jews aren't allowed on the Rays, its only Kosher to play for the tribe.

  7. mike says:

    so, I still don't have my answer, is Geltz Jewish?


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