The Rays have released Burt Reynolds. Sad, sad, sad. No really, they did. Reynolds was an outfield prospect that only reached single-A in three seasons. In 164 career games, he hit .248 with 10 home runs and 33 stolen bases.

Damn. We had all sorts of Cannonball Run references just waiting for Reynolds to hit the big time.


  • OK, we get it. Pat Burrell is doing better with the Giants. [Baseball Analytics]
  • The Yankees could be in a quandary if they can’t sign Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford. [New York Post]
  • Rayhawk Review offers a tax proposal for a new Rays stadium. [Rayhawk Review]
  • And don’t forget about your Morning Cup of Joe. [JoeBucsFan]




  1. Martin B says:

    That Rayshawk guy really is an idiot, isn't he?

    He is aware that the Rays already play in "Tampa Bay" right? He does realize that the city across the bridge isn't "Tampa Bay" but "Tampa" right?

    How can I take a guy seriously who claims to live in the area, but actually knows nothing about it?

    • Beth says:

      You know, the lost city of Tampa Bay, the ruins of which lie under water, somewhere around the Gandy Bridge?

    • Andy says:

      I hate to admit it, but as much as I didn't like that article. The guy's right. That seems to be the direction the Rays are heading. I've lived in St. Pete for almost 30 years and been a season ticket holder since 1998 Devil Rays. I love this town and I don't want to lose the Rays. I just don't want to them to move it over the bridge that would kill this area. I just hope that they can find a new park within the city.

  2. Andy says:

    What are you two talking about?

    • Martin B says:

      Ahhh. Whoever the writer is at Rayhawk has since changed it (without mentioning that he edited it so he doesn't look as retarded as he is).

      His article was full of "The Rays need to move to Tampa Bay."

      He still does have this sentence in it that must have missed his edits:

      "The city of St. Petersburg as nice as it, it is must be embarrassing for the residential professional team that plays there, to name their team after another city next door."

      The city next door is not "Tampa Bay."

      • Andy says:

        Oh well, that doesn't really matter. I am more concerned with what he said about the new tax proposal. That seems to be the popular opinion with team and fans from Tampa. I hope they can build a new stadium in St. Pete, but closer to the bridge that way everyone wins.

  3. Rob says:

    re: The New York Post article...I wonder what the upper limit of the Yanks spending really is. The article actually says they might not resign Kerry Woods because they might have to pay him more than they want. BTW, the Yanks returning vets plus resigning Jeter, Petite and Rivera = approx. 190M. That for 12 players!


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