Just the links this morning on George Hendrick’s 61st birthday.


  • If you missed it yesterday, don’t miss Jordi’s latest piece for us. [The Cold Dome of the Soul]
  • Pat Burrell talks about why DHing doesn’t suit him...He better learn quick, because at age 33, his career is going to be over pretty quick if never DHs again. [Sacramento Bee]
  • Minor League Ball asked who is the better pitching prospect: Jeremy Hellickson or Aroldis Chapman?…If the Reds value Chapman’s arm, he will stay a reliever. That makes Hellboy better by default. [Minor League Ball]
  • Aki Iwamura wants to play in the U.S. next year…Even if he isn’t 100%, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Aki back with the Rays in Spring Training on a minor league deal. [Google Translate]
  • Rays Renegade offers his 10 favorite photo memories of the season...What, no photo of Andy Sonnanstine tinkering with bobblehead posters? [Rays Renegade]
  • The Bucs are young…And youth got served a can of whoop-ass yesterday. [Joe Bucs Fan]
  • Rays Prospects is tracking the Rays prospects in the AFL and other winter leagues. [Rays Prospects]
  • The Bolts dropped picked up their first loss of the season. [Joe Bolts Fan]




  1. Rob says:

    If Bartlett is traded, who is the backup SS? SeanRod or Zobrist? Or do you think someone new would be brought in? The Aki story made me wonder if he could play short...I doubt it, but it lead to those other thoughts.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      How about Elliot Johnson? Solid triple-numbers this year (3rd in hitting), can play multiple positions and is out of minor league options. My money is on him.

      • John S says:

        Absolutely Cork... Elliot will be a very servicable bench player and can play 2-3 positions... very versatile which is great!
        He is a similiar hitter to Bartlett more of a contact and slap hitter. Johnson has more speed but not the glove of Jason.

        Ultimately he is $5 million cheaper and would post similiar numbers and he will be the backup sooo that is not a bad situation; especially since Bartlett should bring a decent package.

      • I really wish Elliot Johnson was on the team this year. He could have bowled over Kelly Shoppach before the playoffs began.

  2. Tone says:

    Aki coming back would be amazing, but the fact that I want it to happen leads me to believe they won't do it. He would be able to fill in at second and third(much better filling in for an injured Longo than DJ or Aybar). They could try Sean at short some, I don't think EJ is any better than him defensively or offensively, at least from what I've seen of him in spring training and his limited Bigs.


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