Today is the second anniversary of the greatest game in Rays history. Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS in which Matt Garza gave up just 2 hits and struck out 9 in 7 innings. And David Price earned his nickname by coming on to retire the final 4 outs, slaying Goliath. And the unsung hero of that game has always been Aki Iwamura who fielded a bad-hop grounder and ran to second base for the final out. If that ball gets past Aki, all of the sudden the Red Sox would have had the tying run at the plate and the top of the order due up.

What a hell of a night that was.


  • Dave Martinez was indeed granted permission by the Rays to interview for the Blue Jays managerial job...We really hope Martinez lands a managerial job, but we would prefer it not be in the division. He does know a lot of Joe Maddon’s tendencies. [The Heater]
  • Was the Rays attendance this season really that disappointing?…We would say yes and no. We would have liked to have seen a boost over 2009, but by no means do we think it had to be as high as some seemed to think it should be. [Fox Sports]
  • “But this is the story of the Joe Maddon Rays, a six-month season punctuated by six unnecessary and tedious lessons to the press and fans about their incapacity to apprehend an invisible sublimity of the game”…A must-read. [Et tu, Mr. Destructo?]
  • 85% Sports ranks the Rays farm system as second best overall at the end of the season. [85% Sports]
  • Have you had your Morning Cup O’ Joe yet? [Joe Bucs Fan]
  • Guess who won again? [Joe Bolts Fan]
  • Seth McClung had apparently had a chip on his shoulder while pitching here in Tampa Bay. [The Heater]




  1. Don says:

    Dave Martinez working with Maddon was the worst thing that could have happened to HIM..
    Before he was an explayer with a lot of good ideas on how things should go...and what was expected from players in performance and behavior..
    He could have been a J. Torre or Ozzie G. type manager..
    NOW ....IF he HAS picked up Maddons ways of the good ole boy mentality, protect your veterans ,and anything goes for performance...He is screwed!

  2. Don says:

    Oh no!.... Just read the Mr. Destructo article...I feel like a prophet starting to see the tide turning...the sheep coming over to realization....
    AN article like that would not have been written or given any consideration last year... or this year... and certainly not in 2008...
    Maddon is a human anchor on a team loaded with talent (esp. 2010) and he was seen as a "savior"....a "genius"......Not now.... by many in the "know"...
    In truth....I think about what "could have been" with a good leader and direction!

  3. Billy says:

    In reference to the Mr. Destructo article:

    "...If my team had the 27th-worst batting average..." That would make it the 4th-best batting average... Pretty sure he meant to say 27-th best (or 4th-worst).

    Very interesting article. It reminds me of the Buffalo Bills argument of yesteryear. Would you rather lose 4 straight Super Bowls--or not ever make it to the Super Bowl?

    I am would rather make the playoffs because of all of Maddon's non-typical moves (and lose in the first round) than not make the playoffs at all. Of course, in a perfect world, the questionable/questioned/odd moves Joe made in the playoffs WOULD have worked out.

  4. Billy says:

    Billy (I) said "...I am would..." instead of "...I would..."

    Maybe Billy (I) should proof his (my) own stuff before criticizing Dr. Destructo's article...

  5. Beth says:

    I'm not sure the reminder of what happened two years ago is making me feel any better (don't know if it was supposed to).

    But what DOES make me feel better is watching a $200 million line up look like little leaguers against Cliff Lee. (Except that in typical fashion the NY fans are already fitting this guy with pinstripes.) Now that Lee is pitching against someone else I can fully appreciate his artistry. It didn't look quite so poetic to me when it was the Rays striking out.


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