Every year, we ask for 12 gifts from the Rays prior to the season. Let’s look back at this year’s wishes and see which “gifts” we actually received…

TWELVE shutouts — As it happens, the Rays finished the season with exactly 12 shutouts. And surprising to us, half of those occurred before the All-Star break and the other occurred after…GIFT RECEIVED
ELEVEN postseason wins — For the second time in three years, the Rays won the AL East and went to the playoffs. And like 2008, the Rays came up short in their quest for 11 postseason wins…NO GIFT
TEN wins versus each divisional rival — The Rays went 11-7 against both the Orioles and Red Sox and 10-8 versus the Blue Jays and the Yankees…GIFT RECEIVED
NINE No-Hit Innings — July 26, 2010, may not have been the most important game in franchise history, but it might have been the most exciting. Thank you Matt Garza…GIFT RECEIVED
EIGHT positions with a .350 wOBA — The Rays finished third in the AL in runs scored. But that just masked a lot of offensive problems this team faced. Only two of the nine positions posted a wOBA of at least .350. In fact, two positions failed to post a wOBA of just .300 (catcher, shortstop)…NO GIFT
SEVEN games with the same batting order — Joe Maddon used 129 different batting orders in 162 games. And none of those batting orders were used seven times. One lineup was used six times…NO GIFT
SIX months with at least 15 wins — The Rays actually had four months with at least 17 wins. But in the other two months (June, September) the Rays posted losing records (11-14 and 13-14 respectively). But we will fudge a little and count the two October wins with September. Voila!…GIFT RECEIVED
FIVE positions with at least 20 home runs — Three positions had 20+ home runs (3B, LF, 1B). Center fielders hit 19, second basemen hit 18 and DHs hit 17…NO GIFT
FOUR Gold Glove infielders — These awards have won’t be handed out until after the season and you never know what they will do with the GGs. Carl Crawford got a lot of press this year so he seems like a lock. Evan Longoria and BJ Upton also have good shots. But Carlos Pena still hasn’t found his 2008 glove…(PROBABLY) NO GIFT
THREE-year contract extension for Carlos Pena — We think there is a good chance Pena re-signs, but it will probably be a one- or two-year deal. And that is plenty…NO GIFT
TWO Major League debuts for their top prospects — Desmond Jennings played in 23 games, hitting 4-21 with a double, triple and 2 stolen bases. Jeremy Hellickson appeared in 10 games, making four starts. He finished with a 3.47 ERA and 33 strikeouts in 36.1 innings…GIFT RECEIVED
ONE AL MVP — Evan Longoria is going to get some votes, but he will probably finish 3rd or 4th. Josh Hamilton was just too good this year…NO GIFT



  1. So anything with pitching and wins was a gift and anything based on hitting was a disappointment?

    Yup, that about sums up the season.

  2. We may not have won it all, but we did win a championship (albeit it's a division champions), and that's something the Yankees and Red Sox can't say, so I'm happy. Not as happy as I would have been had we won it all, but happy.


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