All the talking heads say the Rays have no fans and that we don’t deserve a team. But how do we know the talking heads aren’t crazy glue sniffers that sneak into your house, take money off the dresser and knock your daughter up? Because clearly, the talking heads never do any, you know, actual research.

Take yesterday’s local TV ratings for the ALDS. Game 1 drew a 5.9 rating in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Meanwhile, the same game had a 9.6 rating in the Tampa-St. Pete market. 

We believe that would make game 1 one of the five most watched Rays games this season. Not bad for mid-week afternoon game with schools in session.

Baby steps, Raysheads. Baby steps.



  1. MJ says:

    Thanks for this ammo. Already have my friends from MIA telling me that the Heat preseason game drew more viewers than the Rays game (provided by Colin Cowheard, espn hype-machine extraordinaire). At least I now know the Tampa Bay market did its part.

  2. Sarah says:

    I like the post, Cork, but did you have to tease us with a photo of a triumphant David Price (presumably taken on some other occasion?)

  3. Stan says:

    More than likely, a higher percentage of dfw residents are gainfully employed.


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