How bout those freakin’ Rays!

Funny thing about the Rays tying the series at two this weekend is that the wins were all about talent, not managing and all the other things Rays fans argued and agonized about for the past six months.

These victories were simply the Rays hitting and pitching a lot better than the Rangers.

All season long, pundits said the Rays were stacked with talent, despite the poor batting average. And Joe has to believe that if the Rays could march into very hostile territory in Texas and win two elimination games, then the cream has fully risen to the top — at least for now.

Evan Longoria showed up, and Carlos Pena proved his Saturday breakout game was no fluke. Pena was even smacking the ball to left field. Oh, how Joe wishes Pena didn’t have all day Monday to think about it.

The pitching, for the second straight day, was exactly how the Rays drew it up all season. Joe can’t say enough about Wade Davis pitching well beyond his years and experience.

How great it feels to be a schizophrenic Rays fan right now.

Is there any other kind?



  1. It's good to see Pena & Longo mashing. Cliff Lee is going to be a tall order on Tuesday for the bats. It's going to be up to David Price to keep the game close and hope the Rays can scratch a run or two across against Lee.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Man you can just feel the magic.

    There is no doubt in my mind that we will win on tuesday!
    Come on Rays, finish the off the comeback!

  3. Namirsolo says:

    They HAVE to win Tuesday now. I'm feeling good about this one. And, if they don't, hey, this is way better than the sweep that almost happened.

  4. Bossman's last fan says:

    1. I'm so glad that game 2 wasn't CCs last home game as a Ray, Listening to everyone in the LF section chant Carl at the end of game 2 was the worst part, fantastic gesture but still...
    2. Just saw this on Cliff Lee's wiki page...There have been seven post-season pitching performances of at least 10 strikeouts and no walks in baseball history. Lee has pitched the last three. Wow!
    3. Then I looked up David Price and saw that he hasn't lost back to back starts all year long.
    4. The whole time I've been pondering the what ifs, ands or buts of what could happen in game 5, me keeps on thinking that the Rangers could dig up Cy Young himself and trot his cloned dusty old a$$ out on the bump and I'll still take this Rays team with BJ, Pena, Longo, Carl and crew hitting and taking bases like they are right now over them all day long.
    5. I also think the Rangers feel the same way, and rightfully so, and I like that. It will be fun, Go Rays!

  5. Gus says:

    "Talent won out" because JoeMa finally let the talent -- Jaso, Joyce, Johnson -- get the at bats. Even left them in there against the lefty reliever and there were some nice at bats. The lesser talents -- Shoppach I'm looking at you -- never left the bench all weekend.

  6. Don says:

    Now we have to depend on common (baseball) sense and Joe Maddons stubborness....
    Does Maddon start the players that gives us the best chance to win (no matter who pitches) Jaso, DJ, Joyce or does he stick with his righty vs lefty bull shit that has failed in the series....Anyone taking bets...
    We will see Tuesday!


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