Yes, the Rays are AL East champs. Who knows when (if?) we will read that again?

After such putrid, disgusting Derek Shelton-influenced hitting the past week, it warmed Joe’s heart to see the Rays fight back to win the division this afternoon.

Well, they didn’t actually win it per se, the Yankees lost it. Still, it meant a lot to Joe that the Rays didn’t just throw the game away so they could shower themselves with champagne. At least the Rays can’t be fingered as backing into the division crown.

Also good to see windmill Carlos Pena get a two-run double to tie the game up late.The Rays need him terribly if the Rays are to make a return to the Fall Classic.

Interesting that Jeff Niemann pitched in relief. Is that a postseason harbinger of things to come?

Fitting that MFIKY closed the game out with a save.

Now, the fight for playoff tickets begins. Bring on Cliff Lee, Rangers. You now have to prove you can win in that dreaded of all postseason venues, the catwalks of the Fruitdome.



  1. Don says:

    Thanks to the Red Sox...the win wasn't necessary...but to come back late in game plus two wins in a row...starts positives vibes...Kiss your favorite Red Sox player/fan next time you see them...the evil empire has fallen...NOW...
    the FUN begins...let the best team(s) win.....

  2. Brian says:

    Let's hope the ALDS lights a fire under their butts. Go Rays!

  3. Razzlegator says:

    Hey Joe,
    They didn't actually win it, the Yankees lost it, per se? You're drunker than I am.

  4. sunrisejeff says:

    No they won it.....didn't need to use the tiebreaker so they won it outright. Great feeling to have the team not give up in those late innings after they knew they were the champs. Now lets get on a roll against the Rangers and deflate that team by beating their Ace in Game 1!

  5. Gatorbuc15 says:

    AL East champs baby! Hell yeah!
    Now it's time to focus on Texas.


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