Game 1 of the 2010 World Series is tonight, and each team has a slugger that used to be a key member of the Rays organization…

Josh Hamilton: Seeing the Rays’ former #1 pick thrive with the Rangers is kinda like breaking up with that one crazy chick in college and then having her grow up to be Katy Perry.

Pat Burrell: Seeing Burrell thrive for the Giants (while being paid by the Rays) is more like getting a divorce and then seeing your ex-wife use the alimony for liposuction and a boob-job.

So, which one is more painful for you to watch in this World Series? Let’s hear it in the comments.



  1. Leah says:

    Pat is definitely more painful. I was rooting against the Giants JUST BECAUSE I would rather eat nails than watch him go to the World Series...again. Especially after drowning with the Rays.

  2. Rob says:

    No contest - Burrell.

    Hamilton was young and dumb and made mistakes. He needed a fresh start and we will never know if he could have turned his life around if he had stayed in the Rays organization.

    Burrell, on the other hand, is an adult who lacked the professionalism to do the job he was paid for.

  3. Beth says:

    Cork, you read my mind -- I've been having exactly these thoughts but let's do this from a woman's perspective. (And is Katy Perry really the best you could do? Ugh!)

    Josh Hamilton is the guy you dated in high school; He was smart and sweet and you knew he had potential to be a success in life and an amazing boyfriend if not for that wild, self-destructive streak. You gave him a million chances to clean up his act and finally decided he never would. The last straw was when he passed out at the senior prom, and you had to catch a ride home with your best friend and her date, neither of whom was happy to have you tag along. You didn't hear much from him during college and assumed there was little change in his self-destructive behavior, but then at the 10 year reunion there he is, wife on his arm, happy and successful, and you overhear him telling everyone that he just needed to find the right woman to straighten him out. Well, glad things worked out for him, but -- OUCH!

    Pat Burrell is the slimy womanizer you were dumb enough to date even though your friends warned you. He turned out to be even slimier than you had suspected, and after a year of stupidly thinking you could change him, during which he infects you with some unpleasant STD, you dump him, even though this leaves you having to make good on the payments for the now underwater condo you bought together. When you see him with another woman, you still hate him and hope he suffers some humiliating defeat in life, but you're actually not sorry you let him go.

    So on the whole -- Hamilton is more painful to see, but I'd rather see him and his Rangers come out winners than Burrell (and let's not forget Aubrey "good riddance Rays" Huff).

  4. Gatorbuc15 says:

    OK, I'm fine with Hamilton because we justifiably got rid of him due to his drug problem. But I am not OK with "Fat Pat Burrell", that dude just screwed us over. I consider him as a villain.

  5. Tom says:

    Burrell, for the same reasons as Rob.

    Man, That is one tough narrative Beth.

  6. MJ says:

    Burrell hands down. Nobody likes seeing a-hole douchebags succeed, especially after they screwed you over.

  7. Dew says:

    Josh. What could have been. As for Burrell, I just hope he strikes out every at bat that is critical. 🙂 All at bats actually.

  8. Dew says:

    Actually Cork, you missed the most painful. We passed up taking Buster Posey to take some High School shortstop that is still buried in our farm system. He is the most painful. A catcher to boot.

  9. Eric S says:

    The most painful has to be Hamilton. Burrell was never as good as Hamilton or will ever be as good. I will never ever get why they exposed Hamilton. One of the stupidest decisions they ever made. They protected players that were gone from the organization shortly after. It still makes no sense when they did that. Hamilton and Crawford roaming the OF for the last few years. That is just tragic. Burrell is just a fly on the windshield. The Rays should have done their homework more on him. It would have been nice if they knew he hated the DH position so much. Still Hamilton hurts a lot more. He alone could have made the difference in winning a title these last few years.

    It's ridiculous to give up on Tim Beckham already. The guy is only 20 years old. The Rays never expected him to be up by now. He should be ready in 2-3 years. That was the plan all along. Hopefully the Rays won't rush him like they did BJ Upton.

  10. Amanda says:

    The Rays did not get rid of Hamilton because of his drug problem. The Rays kept him in the organization *because* of his drug problem. It's the one thing the Namoli years did right.

    Please remember that Hamilton did not just up and start doing drugs. He was injured in a car wreck. And it wasn't him acting the fool. He was in the back seat with his parents driving, and someone ran a red light and T-boned them. It started with the pain killers he was on, and then went down from there.

    The Rays lost Hamilton in a supplimentary draft (Rule 5?) because of all the moves they made to keep him in the organization to help him kick his drug habit. They wanted him to be here, he didn't want to leave, but the rules left him available. I'm really happy for him, even though it came at the Rays expense.

    I still think Burrell is the more painful right now because of either how the Rays used him while he was here, or the fact that he couldn't own up to that it didn't work out and he wasn't cut out to be a DH.

    • Beth says:

      I'm not sure I follow your reasoning here.

      Wasn't he taken in the Rule 5 draft because the Rays left him exposed, not putting him on the 40 man roster? Maybe I misunderstand the rules, but I thought a team can protect 40 players from the draft, so if they really "didn't want him to leave" they wouldn't have left him exposed. The fact they did leave him exposed suggests that they had doubts -- whether due to his drug problems or his propensity to get injured -- about whether he would make it as a major leaguer.

      • Eric S says:

        Exactly correct Beth. The Rays made a major mistake when they did that. It baffles my mind to this day. Here's a #1 overall draft pick that you have been patiently waiting to develop and they don't put him on the 40 man roster?? This may have been Andrew Friedman's biggest mistake. It is up there with the Burrell signing.

      • Amanda says:

        Oh poop, I meant to reply to Gatorfan who said the Rays got rid of him because of his drug problem. (I think my post may have made a little more sense if it came "attached" to his.) Like I said, the Rays didn't necessarily want to get rid of him and Hamilton didn't want to go necessarily. Basically, I've got nothing against Hamilton because he has proven you can recover from a horrible time in your life, and to Cork's original point, I'm not upset at what he's doing in the playoffs. Burrell on the other hand ...

        • Beth says:

          It's your claim that they didn't want to get rid of him that's under dispute here, I think. You make it sound as though someone swooped in and grabbed him. But the Rays left him exposed to the Rule 5 draft, so the organization had decided there were 40 other guys they'd rather keep.

  11. Don says:

    One thing about Burrell, He constantly ASKED Maddon and management to let him try playing the outfield when we didn't have a set RF...we still don't.
    So YES Burrell was an ass, probably took a dive just to get out of here...but was he given a chance to help the team ...NO..
    You think the Phillies are stupid..he played outfield for them for seven years, He made the starting lineup in San Fran in about a week after getting there...
    Are these teams STUPID or is Maddon STUPID for not giving him a chance?

    • Chris says:

      I understand what you are saying, but Burrell knew coming in he was going to DH and he knew he would be paid $9M to do it. He should have produced. He reminds me of Vinny Castilla on a much larger scale.

  12. ronpud says:

    What about BUSTER POSEY? We went selected Tim Beckham instead. Now we have a gaping hole at the catcher position instead of Mauer mach 2. Remember that draft?


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