With all the fuss now being made about the Rays BRaysers and the use of plaid, MLB posted the sign seen below at the Trop during games 1 and 2. Kinda cool (image via RaysRenegade.com’s Twitter feed)…



  1. stunna says:

    That's pretty awesome. As a huge plaid fan, especially blue plaid, I couldn't be happier

  2. With MLB even thinking of letting the Rays play with those plaid billed caps for one game shows they are ready and willing to thrust some market toold forward to capilatize on the trend.
    Come to think of it, the Rays 2010 plaid is the "Rayhawk of 2008". Unlike the Rayhawk, you can take the plaid off and look normal in a heartbeat!
    Next thing you know, D J Kitty will have his own uniform on MLB.com for your pets.........I can hear the MLB Advance Media wheels turning already.


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