With the Rays set to clinch a playoff spot on Tuesday night, Todd Kalas may have thought the Rays needed a little extra good fortune. So for the first time all season, he wore his dad’s (Harry Kalas) 1980 Philadelphia Phillies Championship ring. Harry was a broadcaster for the Phillies in 1980 and passed away last year.

The ring can be seen on Todd’s right hand in this image. A closer look at one of the Phillies rings can be seen here. Todd was also wearing his own 2008 Rays AL Championship ring on his other hand.

If this was the ring of any other Phillie, this would probably bother us. Well, we would also be ok with Von Hayes. Anybody that looked like they could have been in Hall and Oates is OK by us.



  1. Kieran Kelly says:

    This is awesome. At least he didn't wear the one from the 2008 World Series.

    I really do hope that Todd will come to Philly and fill his father's spot as the broadcaster for the Phillies.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I guess anything's possible man.

  3. John says:

    Von wasn't with the '80 Phillies. Thus, no Von Hayes WS ring.


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