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The Rays sent double-A reliever Matt Gorgen, to the Diamondbacks as the player-to-be-named-later in trade deadline deal.  Gorgen had 22 saves in 42 appearances with a 1.65 ERA (3.40 FIP). He struck out 47 and walked 21 after being named the Rays top minor league reliever in 2009.


  • The Charlotte Stone Crabs repeated as FSL South Division champions (see below). They will play the Tampa Yankees in the Championship starting Friday.
  • Jeremy Hellickson picked up yet another award. This time he was named the minor league pitcher of the year by The Sporting News. [Sporting News]
  • The Bucs practiced in The Trop? (Video) [Joe Bucs Fan]
  • Carl Crawford talks about how he has adjusted his game after moving to the 3-hole in the lineup. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Attendance in Major League Baseball is down across the board. [Biz of Baseball]
  • Buster Olney writes about John Jaso’s unusual ascension to the lead-off spot. [ESPN Insider]


  • Check out Rays Prospects for boxscores and more detailed recaps. [Rays Prospects]
  • DURHAM 6, Louisville 2 (series tied 1-1, best-of-5): Aneury Rodriguez went just 2.2 innings, walking 5 and giving up 2 hits. He only allowed 1 run…Joe Dillon and Leslie Anderson had back-to-back RBI singles in the first. Dillon added another RBI single in the 5th.
  • CHARLOTTE 2, Bradenton 1 (Charlotte wins series 2-1): Alex Colome started but was pulled after just 1.1 innings having allowed only 1 run…Frank de los Santos relieved and tossed 6.2 shutout innings…A bases-loaded single by Matt Hall (2008-10) followed by a walk by Chris Murrill (2009-35) score the 2 runs for Charlotte.




  1. brian h says:

    What do you think about getting a movement on a "rays mullet" being this years rays hawk. evan already started us out.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I like it, but the problem is, it might be too late for many players and fans to start growing out their hair. Mohawks were easy bc it just men subtracting hair.

      • brian h says:

        theres ways around that. like hte people who dont have long hair (fans) and shave the sides and /or use fun fake mullet. as for the players, it would be a little more challenging.

  2. Gus says:

    Qualls trade not looking good right about now.

    Also, Romano's column in the paper today saying the Kazmir trade netted Soriano and thus the 2010 playoffs (and thus was more genius from management) is some selective memory it seems to me, and kind of lazy journalism (no surprise coming from a football-centric writer like Romano).

    First off, just looking at the bullpen, Percival ($4.4M in 2009) + Bradford ($3.667 in 2009)= Soriano ($7.25M) + Choate ($700k). Almost to the penny. It is not like our bullpen suddenly has more $ in it; it is just not wasted as horrifically as it was in 2009. Rest of the bullpen is basically the same, plus Benoit, an outstanding find off the scrap heap of baseball for sure, but no new $ there. Kazmir's $8M in 2010 money could be just as easily attributed to the disaster at catcher (2010: Shoppach $2.25M, Navi $2.1M, Zaun $500K) plus Dan Wheeler's son-in-law special at $3.2M).

    Second, as we've seen from the leaked financial documents, making the playoffs is absolutely HUGE for a team situated like the Rays. They could have covered Kazmir's 2010 contract (albeit not the 2011 disaster) by making the first round of the playoffs (couple of playoff games and assuming some increased September walk-up attendance related to a team fighting for the playoffs). Giving up when only 3.5 games out (which they were when ESPN reported the trade pre-game while Kazmir spent the game awkwardly on the bench) certainly hurt 2010 season ticket sales, as management made those September tickets worthless. It was the safe move, but not the only move. S-Rod was certainly a great return for the future, but think the rays are basically where they are today with or without him.

    Third, and I've never seen anybody make this point. Management had a choice after the 2008 season, and they chose Kazmir as the player they were committing long-term money through 2012 (with options), not Crawford, who they only got through his UFA date (in a 2005 contract that I believe they inherited). Crawford has always expressed a preference to stay with the Rays, all things being equal. The reason that they are losing him now is that they put their eggs first in the Kazmir basket (which now turns out to be the worst contract in Rays history), and in the Burrell basket (PB's $16M alone would have probably netted at least another year and a half of Crawford if given after the 2008 season).

    I suspect when it comes time to commit long-term money again (heaven forbid choosing between Price v. Longoria), the Rays will go with the player over the pitcher.

    Rays management is generally excellent, but they've made some real boner decisions also. Praising them for the genius of getting out of an albatross of a contract like Kazmir's that they created seems a little bit silly to me, like saying McGuyver is a genius for figuring out a way to break into his car after he's locked himself out.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Good points

    • Indiana Rays Boy says:

      I hope giving up Matt Gorgen doesn't come back to haunt to Rays. I really like this guy since his days in Class A Charlotte. I was hoping that he and Jake McGee will be the 8th/9th inning relievers in the future. Friedman really underestimated this Gorgen reliever. Giving up Qualls wasn't worth sending Gorgen to Arizona. Qualls is not the answer for the Tampa Bay Rays bullpen. They should had attempted to go after Luke Scott when he was available. That proves that Friedman can't make the key moves when it matters.

      • Gus says:

        Baseball Prospectus has always LOVED Qualls and how consistent he has been (tough to find in any bullpen), so I'm sure management thought they were buying low and that he would revert to the mean. But this was forced on them by the "horseplay" between Balfour and Hickey. The most costly fight in team history . . .

        Speaking of value, sometimes the value can be right in your own stadium -- in 2008 Crawford was coming off a freak hand injury that depressed his stats. They could have probably extended him there with some combination of the Burell money and the Kazmir money and made Kazmir prove that his 2008 struggles weren't a sign of trouble. Instead they went all in on Kazmir (his inflated value among Mets Nation may have influenced Stu's thinking; if he lived here, he might have had a different opinion of Kaz and CC and their realtive values to the team). Hasn't really worked out well.

        All this makes me irritated that a guy like Romano can go Kazmir=Soriano, what a smart trade! A lot more nuanced than that.


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