Well, it was another Derek Shelton special Wednesday night at a packed Fruitdome (thank you Rays) that saw the Rays dish out 20,000 free tickets in 90 minutes.

That was the only thing that was impressive about the hungover Rays being limited to three hits against Kevin Millwood of all people who raised his gaudy season record to a rugged 4-16 (somewhere, Shelton is proudly smiling).

Well, Joe shouldn’t say the 20,000 free tickets was the only thing that was impressive. The pitching of Jeff Niemann was too.

After struggling mightily since returning from the disabled list, Niemann threw his name into serious contention for a rotation spot in the ALDS by mowing down the Orioles. He scattered four hits through seven innings, one of those was a two-run triple to Felix Pie.

Could it be that Niemann has returned just in time to save the Rays’ chances of a Fall Classic? Curious minds like Joe want to know.



  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I'm blaming the hats for the Rays loss tonight. That and the Rays players were probably all hung over from last night.
    It never does help to have Shelton as your hitting coach either.

    Although like you Joe, I was happy see Jeff pitch a great game. This will probably cement his place into the playoff rotation.

  2. Don says:

    If the Rays weren't drunk and hung over, I would claim......... I was...IF I was them.....pathetic...
    Worse than pathetic is the continued hitting of Upton and Pena.....0 for .....four strike out between them...3 by Upton!
    I guess it could be worse...they could have come out in the media and "scolded" the fans for not watching them play!!!
    I would have been suicidual or had a murder warrant out on me! Oh well....Upton just claim you and Longo were out all night with the broads...that I CAN understand!

  3. raysfan137 says:

    Thank you for being one of the few blogs to actually call out Shelly or whatever his nickname is. So sick of Rich Herrera hanging up on people who have anything constructive (or heaven forbid negative) to say. Simple fact is not one Rays hitter from last year has improved and all have instead regressed from last year. K-Los's strike outs aren't nearly as frustrating as his useless pop ups with 1 out and a man on third. Add to obviously poor coaching we're getting from DS someone's (guess who) brilliant strategy of ignoring overall batting averages to always take the platoon effect and this is what you get. I'm thinking Maddon needs to find an enhancement drug to help him understand the impact of small sample sizes.


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