Well, that was special, wasn’t it?

Matt Garza channels his inner James “No Game” Shields and starts coughing up bombs to the Red Sux, blowing a four-run lead.

Joe’s trying to put this in the past. Of course, Gazra is not perfect and if he is to have a mulligan, better now than next month. Had Garza pitched halfway decent, the Rays likely would have won. The inconsistent offense of the Rays actually had five runs, usually good enough for a win.

Again, Garza can’t be perfect, but damn. Now the Yankmees gained another game on the Rays.

Oh, well. Time to turn the page. Day off Thursday before heading to Toronto for the weekend.



  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I wonder a little if Matt was getting back at Joe for pulling him in the 5th inning of the Baltimore game. I heard that they exchanged some not so nice words in the dugout that day, and Matt hasn't really looked that bad all year. So it does make me wonder.
    But, just for the record, I doubt it seriously. Last thing we need is dissension on the team in September.

    Hopefully we'll have better luck in Canada. Go Rays!

  2. James says:

    We haven't really been able to get solid pitching from our guys except for when Price is out there. That goes through the Baltimore series. Starters and relievers have just looked lost out there.

  3. Tone says:

    The fact that the pitching has hit the fan can almost be expected a bit. This is why as fans the hitting side of things has us so damned worried. How many games have the Rays offense cost our starting pitchers? Answer: A shitload. That is why it is a CARDINAL SIN of baseball to waste good starting pitching. Better to suck when the pitcher sucks too. So Garza can have a bad game once in a while in my book. They could barely get 2 hits off a very crappy bullpen. The bats need to fight and fight and fight. But instead they just get quiet. Sick of seeing the bats only work for 2 innings. They mostly are quiet for the first 5 innings and then try and come back but whenever they score early they tend not to score anymore or hit either. Very bad pattern, if you like multiple wins that is. Good for getting no-hit and held to 2 runs or less though.

  4. sunrisejeff says:

    I'm just going to pretend last night never happened......in my mind it was a very rare two days off in Sept. 🙂


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