One year ago on Rays Index we discussed Stuart Sternberg’s most famous statement, “This is who we are.”

Sternberg On Kazmir Deal: This Is Who We Are [Rays Index]





  1. Joe says:

    In the euphoria of the winning season the Rays have had, which is awesome, people can't lose context of what Stu was willing to do last year, even 3 1/2 games out of the race.

  2. Sarah says:

    Yes, this is who we are: a team that can't afford to pay $12 million to a pitcher who hasn't been consistently effective in over a year. A team that jumps at the chance to turn that $12 million pitcher into three prospects, one of whom is already a productive major leaguer and another who is a promising minor league pitcher. I know, Cork, you've taken the position that Kazmir could have been moved just as easily in November, but the fact is that big market teams in pennant races are often willing to overpay to plug holes they have at that moment.

    Stu may have phrased it a little bluntly last year, but really, what's the big revelation? If we see him starting to dump salary with no thought to the future we can complain, but so far any moves to reduce payroll have generated players for the future.

  3. KillaTapes says:

    Agreed Sarah. And I personally love the honesty and bluntness. I wish more public figures were as transparent with their intentions.

    Also, with Wade Davis coming up last season I really felt our rotation was just as good if not better after the trade.


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