Rays fans continue to flock to Rays games in droves…at least on TV. Sun Sports today announced that last night’s matchup with the Yankees was the third highest rated Rays broadcast ever, drawing a 9.4 rating (169,925 househ0lds). That is just behind two of the games versus the Yankees during the July30-Aug1 series. The Saturday contest in that series drew a 10.7 rating (193,220 households).



  1. Add the 26K that were at the ballpark and you get a number closer to 200K.
    BTW, are restaurants and sports bars included as households? The Bay Area has a ton of those. Are we over/under the national average for sports bar attendence per capita? How many people go there to watch the game? I'm guessing a total over 500K were following Monday night's game pitch for pitch. Not bad in an area of 2-3 million people.

  2. Don says:

    And it keeps growing and growing and growing....
    While other sports franchises on the skids...ie Bucs, Lightning

  3. Blake says:

    You multiply the number of households by 2.1 to get the estimated total number of viewers I believe. That gives us over 300k! Also, does anyone know what the local ratings were for MNF last night? I wonder if the Rays were able to edge it locally.

  4. NY Yankee says:

    Yankees draw out the crowds where ever they play. They are a ratings magnet.


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