A Rays fan was at Tropicana Field during yesterday’s off-day and noticed this car in the parking lot (thanks Sookie)…

Turns out this Chevrolet HHR belongs to Jason Rawley of Fireblade Comics and a member of “The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters.” You can see a gallery and more on how Rawley created the ECTO-1X at THIS LINK.

But what we are more interested in is “why?” Why was the ECTO-1X at The Trop? Were The Real Tampa Bay Ghostbusters on duty? We put a word out to the group, but have yet to hear back. So we are left to speculate.

With the playoffs set to start in mere weeks, we can only imagine that this has something to do with Joe Maddon and his recent comments disparaging The Trop.  Maddon insists the two have since made up. But knowing JoeMa, the kind words may have just been a diversion to conceal his plan to rid The Trop of ghastly ghouls.

Or maybe the guy was just there to pick up some tickets.



  1. Charles says:

    Of course it's haunted - by the Ghost of Championship Future!

  2. Gus says:

    Coach Zimmer was confused with the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man, hence the call to the Ghostbusters by Stu.

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Don't cross the streams!

  4. While I can't comment on any "official business", since city hall has asked us to keep our experiments "off the record", I can tell you that the Tampa Bay Ghostbusters do frequent major landmarks in the Tampa Bay area as paranormal activity increases this time of year. Dr. Creel and I have speculated that the bay itself may be the exit gate of a cross-dimensional tunnel, perhaps the other end of the Bermuda wormhole? More spectral analysis is needed, so as the ghouls and hauntings start getting worse you can expect to see more of our team in the area.

    If you're troubled by strange noises in the night... if you experience feelings of dread in your attic... or if you or someone you know has ever seen a spook, spector, or ghost... then call the professionals! Tampa Bay Ghostbusters... we're ready to believe you...
    And go Rays!


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