The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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THE GOOD: Wade Davis. You worry about a pitcher being rusty in their first start off the DL, especially if there was no rehab stint. Davis looked well-rested, hitting 95 with his fastball (92.4 mph avg). But as expected, he struggled with the touch on his breaking pitches, throwing only 9 of 19 for strikes and not getting any swinging strikes. Still, working into the 6th inning and giving up only 2 runs is a solid effort…Matt Joyce. He singled during the Rays 4-run rally in the second and his home run in the 6th may have been the final nail. It was just his 2nd home run in August after hitting 5 in July…Evan Longoria. As good as we have ever seen Dirtbag. Three more hits last night, including his 41st double and 19th home run. He now has 10 extra-base hits in the last 8 games, including 4 home runs. A lot of guys would be happy just to get 10 hits.

THE BAD: Something To Prove. Joe Maddon was ejected for the 15th time in his career. It was his 6th in 37 career games against his former team, the Angels. In other words, he is ejected once every 6 games versus LA, and once every 82 games (9 ejections in 736 games) against everybody else. That is not a random deviation.

THE TELLING: Dale Thayer was sent back to Durham to make room for Jeff Niemann who will start this afternoon…Joe Maddon’s ejection tied him with Larry Rothschild for the most ever by a (Devil) Rays manager (15)…According to, the Rays have a 95.3% chance of making the playoffs. That is greater than the Yankees (93.3%). The Red Sox are at 9.8%…If the Rays play .500 in their last 36, they will finish 96-66. The Red Sox would have to go 24-12 just to tie.

WHERE THEY STAND: The Rays are 78-48, tied with the Yankees for first in the East, and 6 games ahead of the Red Sox in the Wild Card. After 126 games in 2008, the Rays were 77-49.


  • Wanna know why Evan Longoria grew a mullet. Watch this video. Apparently Longoria is supporting his buddy and fellow Long Beach State Dirtbag, Troy Tulowitzki. [MLB]
  • The Dodgers still haven’t put Manny Ramirez on waivers, but Ken Rosenthal says the Rays

    and “their touchy-feely manager” are his best options. [Fox Sports]
  • Of course, none of that matters because apparently the White Sox will claim Manny Ramirez, and they have dibs. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • According to Peter Gammons, the Rays didn’t even put in a claim on Johnny Damon. [Twitter]
  • John Romano writes that the leaked financial documents may actually help the Rays quest for a new stadium. [St. Pete Times]
  • WDBB is back with their charts. Scroll down for those covering the Rays. [Watching Durham Bulls Baseball]
  • Joe Maddon is a strange dude. He apologized to The Trop for whining about the catwalks. [Twitter]


  • Check out Rays Prospects for boxscores and more detailed recaps. [Rays Prospects]
  • DURHAM: Richard de los Santos improved to 14-5 with 6.2 shutout innings. He gave up just 6 hits and 2 walks, striking out 4…Jake McGee (2004-5) faced 4 batters, retired them all, striking out 3. Of the 33 batters he has faced, he has struck out 19, walked 1 and given up just 4 hits…Desmond Jennings (2006-10) went 0-2 with a pair of walks…Elliot Johnson had 2 more hits. This was his 6th multi-hit game in the last 9.
  • MONTGOMERY: Alex Torres picked up his 10th win with 6 shutout innings. He struck out 7 and walked 4. His ERA is now 3.44 with 134 strikeouts in 130.2 innings…Nevin Ashley (2006-6) was 1-3 with a pair of walks.
  • CHARLOTTE: (postponed)
  • BOWLING GREEN: Albert Suarez dropped to 0-5 in 9 starts after giving up 3 runs (2 earned) in 5 innings. He struck out 1…Ty Morrison (2008-4) went 2-4 and drove in both runs.
  • HUDSON VALLEY: (postponed)
  • PRINCETON: Braulio Lara gave up just 2 unearned runs in 6 innings, striking out 5 and walking 3. His ERA is now 2.36 in 61 innings…Cesar Guillen hit his 3rd home run in 8 games.




  1. Joe D. says:

    I know it's been talked about on here before, but after Maddon got elected. Davey Martinez looked and carried himself very well as a manager, their wasn't much gamesmanship given the score, but it's a guess a good and bad thing, should Mason ever get ejected, suspended our miss a game for whatever reason, Davey is a guy that that I'd feel very comfortable with, bad because as it's been mentioned on here before, he's provably going to be a manager else where sober than later, and the Rays atte going to lose the asst of having Davey around.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Matt Joyce is a BEAST?!

    • Joe D. says:

      Yeah, I like Joyce too, I like seeing the hometown guy doing well for his hometown team, I feel also like seeing FL guy in Sean Rodriguez succeeding with the Rays.

  3. robert says:

    what i'm starting to sense here in the back room is some excitement!

  4. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Does anyone know how long Evan's home run went last night?

    • Joe D. says:

      I don't even know that it went that deep (my guess is 415), but they were playing outdoors and I half expected it to hit a catwalk.

      • Gatorbuc15 says:

        I know it wasn't a monster shot, but it's always hard to hit one out of that stadium unless you hit right down one of the lines. And it was more of a line drive homer than a moon shot, so I don't think a catwalk would have been able to snag that one. But anyways, thank you for the guesstimation on Evan's dinger. That sounds about right.

      • Jim says:

        Looking Google maps, I'd say it's about 400ft to those stands behind the bullpen, so that 415 is probably a good estimate.

  5. smelpy says:

    we have such an awesome team. can't wait until october.

  6. Gus says:

    When the Rays are swing the bats and are getting guys on base, running hard, there is no team that is more fun to watch in the years I've watched baseball. As great as Longo's homer was, taking 2nd on the bloop at full speed with a comfortable lead was just awesome.

    This series kind of reminds me of the beatdown of Boston in Fenway back in April.

    • Jim says:

      Let's see how the series ends first. The Rays are definitely playing well right now, but they could get cold quickly. I just hope they stay hot throughout the weekend so they can put Boston away.

      I hate to be pessimistic, I just remember how elated everyone was earlier in the year when we were playing really well, then we went into Houston and to shit the bed.

      • Beth says:

        Oh for goodness sake, Jim, if a 10 - 3 win doesn't do it for you, what will? Of course all teams can go cold, but if you can't enjoy the convincing wins when they come along, when CAN you have fun?

      • Andy says:

        We took 2 of 3 from Houston ?!?!

      • Joe D. says:

        Even when the bats cold, just remember it was only 3 years ago when you were watching Rays games and Jae Seo might have started a game and been followed by Shawn Camp out of the 'pen... Just sayin'...

        • Jim says:

          I am happy about last night's win and the way the season is going. I just don't like to get my hopes up too much.

  7. Don says:

    I think Maddon has a psychological "need" to SHOW his old team who the BOSS is NOW!
    Remember he sat on the bench with the Angels as a peon for 25 years..never really being given a chance to be a BOSS...
    Now ole Joe can't help himself....everytime he gets a chance....... to "show them guys..he is the Man"!

  8. John S says:

    Jake McGee should be a September call up we could use another lefty specialist. He has been flat out dominate in Triple AAA

  9. of course, Maddon is apologizing to the Trop. He doesn't want bad Trop karma for talking smack about the old girl.

  10. Justin H says:

    If the Rays some how got Manny they would actually be unstoppable


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