From Bill Chastain comes this tidbit involving the bullpen catcher and original Devil Ray Scott Cursi (thanks Connie)…

“The coolest part was at the beginning of the inning, [bullpen catcher Scott] Cursi keeps a chart and finally he hands the chart to [John] Jaso and goes, ‘Just write that down as Jack Johnson,’ like Johnson is going to jack it,” Cormier said. “Jaso was like, ‘What?’ And Cursi says, ‘That’s Jack Johnson as in game-winner.’ Then, blam.”

Guess we may have to update the nickname database.



  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Dan "Red Sox Killer" Johnson! Or Dan "Silent Assassin" johnson!:)

  2. brian h says:

    nothing worse than a home run caller...


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