The Bad News Bears theme churned through Joe’s head after the first inning like it used to when Shawn Camp and Casey Fossum took to the mound for the good guys in 2007.

Sean Rodriguez cued up the music trying to get two when he should have gone for one.

And it came back for another rousing chorus in the third inning, after Andy Sonnanstine served up a three-run meatball and when B.J. Upton ran through a Tom Foley stop sign en route to third base, where Gabe Kapler was waiting for him.

Upton’s head-up-his ass, rally-killer baserunning surely didn’t surprise Joe or any Rays fan, but it’s just so comical when it comes on the heels of him going from first to third on a groundout to third base in the first inning.

A little feasting and lots of famine with Bossman. If he was thinking for second, he should have known Kapler would be held up with one out and Carl Crawford up next.

Joe’s calling for Bossman to have mandatory sessions with a new cutting-edge team shrink for the stretch run. It couldn’t hurt? One would think Joe Maddon would embrace that kind of thing.

But the Rays’ bats came alive, and Sonnanstine scored some arbitration points, so all is rosy in St. Pete.

The guy hitting .200 brought the grand slam, and the bullpen slammed the door.

All Joe’s hoping for is for one or two of the guys with multi-hit games today to really get hot immediately.

Right now the Rays still look like a team that can’t count on a winning road trip next week.



  1. Face it, Joe... this line up is never going to be mistaken for the New York Yankees. As long as the pitching and defense holds up they'll win more games than they lose. That will get them into the playoffs where we can hope the bats really get hot.

    • Jim says:

      Michael, you make a lot of sense, but this team kills me when they play like this. Last night's game had me ready to put my fist through a wall, but I agree, I think they should make the playoffs, and then who knows what could happen.

  2. GOB says:

    BJ got on base 3 times... Makes up for the baserunning gaffe I think

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Very glad they won. But these kinda bullshit plays, have to stop! Some of the things B.J. does, makes me think of doing very unpleasant things to him. For a guy that has some much talent, he's really got a 2 CENT head!
    Thank God, Shoppach desided to be a hitter today, and carry the offense with a Grand Slam and a Solo shot! So, thank you Kelly.
    It was nice to see Evan have another productive day at the plate today. He's gotta continue to do that if the Rays are to make the playoffs. And, it was also good that Sonny had a decent 5 innings today. Giving up 3 runs isn't to bad if you can stop the bleeding. Which he did. And of course, the bullpen did a superb job.

    Now, let's hope the Rays win tommorow, and take the series from the Oreos!

  4. Don says:

    Best thing that could happen to the Rays would be if BJ has a good last 2 months...then unload in the winter...for anyone!
    Face it, BJ has the intellingence of a 3rd are never going to make him smarter...including baseball smarts..
    Sonny, for all you doubters.... has proven he can win when the Rays get 15 hits and grand slam home runs....
    Rays have those games when one guy gets hot... they wake up and start hitting BUT those nights when nobody hits early they ALL go into panic mode and do nothing....
    Unlike the 2008 season when we all thought they could/would come back in the late innings!


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