Color Joe disturbed.

Man, everything seemed to be going so well in this game, especially Red Sux killer Dan Johnson — seemingly forgetting he wasn’t playing Boston — doubled to deep center, giving the Rays a 3-1 lead.

Sure, starter Jeff Niemann struggled a little bit in the previous inning but he got out of it and it seemed a near slam dunk that MFISUO and MFIKU would do their typical eighth and ninth inning dances and subsequent pulling out the shirt tail.

Rather, Niemann completely came unglued in the sixth. Niemann, in his first start back from the disabled list last week, was simply shelled by the Angels. After five innings, Niemann seemed fine. But is he?

Joe’s very concerned there’s still something wrong with Niemann. Joe’s trying to convince himself that Niemann just needs a little work and a very strict, limited pitch count through the next two weeks.

This is something Jim Hickey and Merlot Joe need to keep a very close eye on. Sure, it would be nice to have Niemann for the playoffs. But Joe would truly hate to see Niemann go under the knife and miss the entire 2011 season too.



  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Maddon should have taken Jeff out sooner than he did. Niemann's control was way off in the 6th, and there were signs in the 5th inning that he was beginning to unravel. If Maddon had taken him out a little earlier, then maybe the Rays could have still been in that game. But, it's a little late now.
    Like you Joe, I hope that there isn't something wrong with Jeff. We don't need him to be down for a whole year! But until I hear someone say that Jeff is actually hurt, I'm not gonna sit around worrying about him.

    Now, let's hope the Rays remember how to pitch tomorrow, and win the series from the Jays!

  2. Aaron says:

    As soon as Bautista hit his HR tonight I turn the channel cause realistically I didn't see the Rays coming back and it made me sad that once again we got so close to overtaking the Yankmees only to give the lead back to them. I just got frustrated, the gloating by my friend on IM didn't help, he's a Jays fan. I hope the real Rays show their face tomorrow. And I hope the Yankees lose tomorrow, they gotta lose again at some point right? Why not tomorrow so the Rays can re-tie them? Maybe this time we can over take them once and for all.

  3. sunrisejeff says:

    Yea gotta say Maddon whould have pulled Jeff after that could see his control was starting to get loose and it would have been nice to pull him while he was feeling good about his performance. No worries though....Price will dominate tonight hopefully and we'll hit Marcum around like we have all year. Sweeps are nice but it's all about winning series at this point.


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