Damn what a sad loss. The Rays had the win slip through their fingers, specifically Dan Wheeler’s fingers.

[Full disclosure: Joe watched the game from The Venue with a Duke grad student, a classy, shapely, wine-drinking chick named Barbara-Ann. Yes, Joe was way out of his league. Joe’s a shot-and-a-beer, state university kinda guy.]

Can’t pin this loss on Andy Sonnanstine. Dude gave five strong innings, which is about his limit. No, the problem was Wheeler and perhaps Merlot Joe.

This Joe was under the impression that Wheeler was only a good pitcher against righties, that lefties often tagged him. That’s what happened in the fifth inning when he got lit up, and lost the game for Sonnie and the Rays.

Friggin’ Coco Crisp. Bad enough he tried to take out James Shields a few years ago at Fenway Park. Now he robs Matt Joyce of a blast to center field that made the difference in the game.

The worst thing about this loss is what happens in the next game.

Uh, oh. It’s Friday. We all know what happens on Fridays for the Rays.



  1. Tone says:

    Yeah, I give that loss to Joe Maddon. Wheeler never makes me feel safe(his stats be damned), and he was not able to throw strikes; so why he was left in there with another pitcher warmed up that seems to do better vs lefties is beyond me. But what can you do, just feels like we had one there that I did not think was possible and Wheels /Joe had to go and screw it up. Wish that Reid looked better but man does he looked desperate. He looks nothing like the hitter I saw in spring training and earlier in the season. Same with Sean, he looks like shit most nights now too. But at least they have past contributions and they help with defense and depth. Dan Johnson has shown me nothing and I am done with him. He seems useless now. Rather check out Anderson at this point. Friggin Ichiro better get 5 runs and 6 rbi's, feels like NY never leaves that corporate hell hole. Don't they ever go on the fucking road? I mean besides playing last place teams on the road? Their schedule is like a gift from the baseball gods.

  2. sunrisejeff says:

    Was a very tough loss to stomach and was surprised Joe didn't go to Lance before that double was hit. Just 3 more inches on that ball that Joyce hit and it wouldn't have even mattered. Oh well....I can't be to upset with a loss that had our long reliever (sonny) up against Cahill and only lose by 1 run. I have a feeling Hell Boy will bust us out if that Friday slump tonight......I think he is due for a bad start but I don't think this one will be it.

  3. sunrisejeff says:

    lol true but if he can get us 7 then have Benoit and Soriano follow up I'm good with that!

    • Beth says:

      Yeah, I guess the only benefit of Wheeler blowing last night's lead is that there was no save situation, so Benoit and Soriano should be well rested! Thanks, Dan!

  4. Jeff says:

    How did that losing Grant Balfour work out for you from the tickle fight by Jim Hickey now. Hickey should have fired the next day. Not this ownership. Now you've got a pen made up of Wheeler, the over hyped reliever who's the son-in-law to Dwayne Statz claim to fame, Cormier, Choak and 9.0 ERA Qualls. Let's see. That's now 2 losses on the road trip thanks to Hickey.


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