Leave it to the big dogs to get the Rays a win, a series win split, which is not easy to come by in Oakland, the first Rays series win in the land of Raiderfan since 2008.

Gee, what happened that year?

Matt Garza, the Rays No. 1 pitcher of the moment (take a pick between Garza, David Price or Jeff Niemann for the No. 1 Rays pitcher flavor of the week), was pretty damn sharp. Giving up just four hits in 7 2/3 is a very, very, very solid effort.

Then when the Rays needed it the most, leave it to Carl Crawford and Dirtbag to get the job done. Dirtbag’s two-run double to left scoring Jason Bartlett and Crawford was all Garza, MFISUO and MFIKY needed.

Great way to end the series that was almost too close for Joe’s comfort. Sans the Rays Friday hex and Dan Wheeler’s gagging away a lead Thursday, this very well could have been a sweep.

Joe’s not discouraged. This team finds ways to win more often than finds ways to lose.

Now on to the City of Angels! Time light up Scott Kazmir and his gaudy 6.40 ERA.

(Joe will be more than happy to comfort Kazmir’s insanely hot girlfriend, who works a trendy, popular Tampa Bay area hotspot frequented by grinding, scantily clad hotties, following a sound beating to the Angels tomorrow.)



  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Um, Joe. The Rays didn't win the series buddy. It was a series tie.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Even though the Rays didn't win the series, it was still nice to get a tie out of it.

    Matt had a fantastic day! Lucky # 13!

  3. ali420 says:

    hmmm Vintage or Mons?

  4. Don says:

    Nice crowd at Oakland on Sun. afternoon to see one of the best teams in the league (Rays)...announced 18,000 looked like 8,000...If the game would have been at the trop. there would have been 25,000 maybe 30,000...
    Also how about them Bucs....home oppener...30,000....1/2 the stadium....On a Sat. night with NO TV..
    Now who exactly would like to see the Rays move to Tampa...for what?...won't be increased attendance...bet me!

  5. nward63 says:

    Forgive me, I know about MFIKY but MFISUO?


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