Joe raises a mug of Folgers Brazilian this morning to Rays slugger Carl Crawford. If there was still any chatter that the Rays should trade Crawford in the next few weeks, the Rays slugging left fielder all but put that to rest last night.

Sure, the Rays pitching was solid. But if not for Crawford’s blast behind the right field seats in the eighth inning, a critical insurance run in the Rays 3-2 win over the Red Sux, who knows how that game ends? The Rays bullpen is just about taxed and an extra-inning game was not wanted nor needed.

No, no need to trade Crawford. He’s just about the only guy who didn’t go into a June swoon for the Rays.

CC is needed. Maybe four or five years from now, the fruits of the draft picks the Rays will receive for losing CC in free agency will begin bearing fruit in the Rays new tank (ballpark), wherever that may be.

Hey, Joe can still dream, right?





  1. robert says:

    Anybody but Crawford, please. Well, not Longoria or Price either.

  2. Crawford's playing like he wants to wear pinstripes (I, of course, hope he ends up somewhere pretty harmless like NYMets or Houston).

    • Mike K says:

      Or you could say he's trying to make himself invaluable to the Rays and encouraging them to use other players for possible trades. With Sternberg adding to the Lee/Upton rumors by saying "our eye is really about making the postseason", a CC trade would not make sense.

    • Charles says:

      As an Astros fan as well, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I'd be to see CC in an Astros uniform if he's going to end up leaving.

  3. Connie says:

    Don't you think he wants to leave so he can play on a different surface?

  4. Don says:

    SS and his people are financial people...they CAN work out a deal with CC and the sooner the better...
    They need to ask CC:
    1) Does he WANT to stay here
    2) Can his legs and back hold up 5 more years on THIS type field
    3) Does he (agent) want to pursue the Max. amount of $ they can get
    or... is other things important to him?

    Then make him an offer to sign NOW!


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