17,009 fans witnessed Matt Garza’s no-hitter on Monday night. That means about 20,000 tickets went unused. Now you have a chance to get one of those tickets.

The Rays announced that all fans attending the “Maddon Summer Social” at The Trop on August 15, will receive a ticket to the no-hitter. OK, fine.

But the best part of the story? When asked what the “Maddon Summer Social” is, Joe Maddon responded

“I have no idea.”

Neither do we JoeMa. Neither do we.



  1. Maddon's Social which will be held in the Whitney Bank Club on August 15th after the Rays game is one of the items up at tonight's Rays Broadcast Auction that will be held both online and on-air during the Rays versus Tigers game tonight.
    Fans can join Manager Joe Maddon and Rays coaches and players in the Whitney Bank Club after the Orioles vs. Rays game. Guests will receive an authenticated ticket from the Monday, July 26 no-hitter game and a ticket for the reception which includes a press level ticket for the game (1:40 p.m. start). Seats are limited to the first 200 people purchasing the $250 ticket to the event.
    Hope this helps bring a bit of clarity to the social.


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