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Buster Olney has a trade idea the Rays should make

What follows is pure speculation, and nothing more: As the Tampa Bay Rays consider ways to upgrade their lineup in the last 16 days before the trade deadline, maybe they should be the team that goes out on a limb and makes a deal for Prince Fielder, who would represent a dramatic change for their offense. The Rays could structure an offer around right-hander Wade Davis — the kind of power pitcher Milwaukee needs — and could have Fielder for the 2011 season, as well, before he becomes a free agent.

Yes, please? We would take Prince Fielder in the middle of the Rays lineup in a heartbeat. Of course, it would take more than Wade Davis. Would Davis and Matt Moore get it done? That’s closer. But they are going to ask for Davis and Desmond Jennings. And that would be tough to do.

Fielder makes $10.5 million this season ($11M with 500 PA) and will be arbitration-eligible next season. He is a difficult arb projection but our best guess would be a $12-14 million salary for 2011. Is that too pricey for the Rays? Probably. And that’s too bad.


  • Jeff Niemann had a bullpen session yesterday and all went well. He expects to make his scheduled start tomorrow. [Tampa Tribune]
  • The Yankees have made plans for tonight’s game to honor George Steinbrenner and Bob Sheppard. [USA Today]
  • JP Howell is optimistic he will be ready to pitch on opening day next year. [MLB]
  • Doug Fernandes writes about Joe Maddon’s unorthodox style. [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]
  • A read of question #5 in this piece makes it sound like the Yankees should be more worried about the Red Sox than the Rays. [ESPN]
  • Former Rays prospect Chris Seddon has been promoted to the big leagues by the Mariners. [Biscuit Crumbs]


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  • DURHAM: Richard de los Santos gave up 5 runs on 8 hits and 2 walks in 4 innings…Desmond Jennings was 1-3 with a walk…Dioner Navarro was 1-3 with a walk…Dan Johnson was 0-1 with 3 walks.
  • MONTGOMERY: David Newmann struck out 7 and walked 1 in 5.2 innings. He allowed 2 runs on 6 hits…Nevin Ashley was 3-5 with his 4th home run…Henry Wrigley went 0-5 and Leslie Anderson was 3-4 with a double. He is hitting .317…Matt Sweeney went 0-3 with 2 strikeouts and is now hitting .194.
  • CHARLOTTE: Joe Cruz struck out 6 in 6 innings, giving up 3 runs (2 earned) on 8 hits and 1 walk…Tim Beckham went 1-3 with 2 walks. That is his 3rd multi-walk game in the last 9 and has raised his OBP to .320. Still not good, but getting better.
  • BOWLING GREEN: Kirby Yates is taking well to a starting role, throwing 7 shutout innings with 6 strikeouts and just 4 base runners (2 hits, 2 walks). He has a 1.95 ERA in 7 games as a starter…Cody Rogers hit another home run. He now has 5 in his first 8 games of the season. We have to imagine he will be in Charlotte very soon
  • HUDSON VALLEY: Nate Garcia, the Rays 16th round pick this season, made his 3rd start and gave up just 1 unearned run in 5.1 innings…Derek Dietrich homered for the 3rd straight game. Dietrich is probably not long for the short-season league.
  • PRINCETON: Braulio Lara struck out 4 and walked 4 in 5 innings, but held Bristol to just 1 run, a solo home run.




  1. Mike says:

    Are the brewers even listening to offers for Prince? I hadn't heard that. It would be sweet to have him, but it will never happen. We are good enough as is anyway. Lets just meatloaf the yankees this weekend and keep winning games all the way through October.

    Soon we may even get to see the famous Papelbum masher Home Run Dan Johnson back in the lineup.

  2. Alex says:

    Teams are probably talking to them and they are probably listening since they know they won't be able to keep Prince long term.

    It was nice to see Tex go to Bos and kick some a$$.

  3. Blake says:

    Glad to see at least some signs of progress from Beckham. Also, I wonder how much longer it will be before Leslie Anderson is promoted again.

  4. Doug Melvin says:

    Am I listening to offers for Prince? From you guys, HELL YEAH. Hellickson can't even crack your staff, and he would instantly be our second-best pitcher. In fact, I can see about 5 guys who would jump right in to our rotation. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE trade us some decent pitching for Prince!

  5. John S says:

    They are going to try and trade Prince they know they can not win with their team and they really do not have anyone that they could bring up to help immediately.

    As a result, Fielder is gone.

    But he is a knucklehead and I do not know if I want that in the clubhouse as we are babysitting one already (BJ).

    Davis has struggled but that does mean that he is done. A pitcher that he was compared to often was Clay Bucholz (spelling?). Good control with a low to mid 90s fastball and 3 secondary pitches that can be thrown over the plate for strikes.
    Clay got murdered last year. And he is back pitching very well.
    I believe Davis can easily do the same.

    I would rather have faith and have the hitters that are underperfoming ther career averages to come back to hit in the 2nd half (Upton/Pena). If they hit even their career numbers by season's end that means they hit pretty damn well in th 2nd half. If they can do that we do not need another bat

    As a result, I would rather trade Shields or Garza in the offseason and get back a boatload to either replenish the double AA system with plus field players or receive a good, above average OF or 1B.

    Put Hellickson in the 4/5 spot. And everyone in Rays pitcher's channel continues to flow as usual. Next year at some point, Barnese, Torres and Moore move up to Triple AAA, Colome and Lobstein moves to Double AA to join Dyer who is feeling out his surrundings and fine tune there for a couple years unless one pitches that well that then we need to move either Garza or Niemann for more field players.

    I know it is counter-intuitive but pitchers (even though only play every 5 days) bring more premuim than an everyday player. There is just a league-wide shortage of pitchers especially in the double AA and triple AAA ranks!

    The Rays are in a great situation in that regard. I believe that is why they could in intent instead of signing field players just to trade for them with young pitching because they have arguably the deepest in the majors.

    I mean Torres probably our 4th pitching prospect

  6. John S says:

    I meant to finish that thought.. He is our 4-5 best pitching prospect an he would a #1-2 pitching prospect for a lot of systems


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