This weeks edition of the Tampa Bay Business Journal features a cover story on our new partner “Joe” from The piece discusses the business-side of running a sports blog. A portion of the article is dedicated to the new partnership between and and the emergence of TBBJ is pay-per-read or subscription-based, but following this link will give you a short intro to the article. [Tampa Bay Business Journal]


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  1. Ben says:

    Congrats on the new partnership. I've been following raysindex nearly since the beginning, especially via my iPhone when I'm on the move. However if I could offer some constructive criticism, please either remove or rearrange the adobe flash player hotlink. When trying to read the sites content it can be extremely annoying, as it blocks half of the text of the first paragraph when viewing the site via mobile device. Making the site more mobile friendly can't hurt. Thanks and keep up with the great Rays coverage!


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