If Joe didn’t know any better, he’d have thought he was watching the Mets and the Cardinals circa 1985 the way the Rays and Tigers pitched and played defense, all on turf.

It took some bold defense by Dirtbag to actually pull out the win, 3-2 for the Rays.

Clinging to a 3-2 lead and the bases loaded with one out, Miguel Cabrera grounds sharply to Dirtbag, who easily could have gunned down Austin Jackson at the plate for the second out.

Instead, Dirtbag makes a ballsy move to try to turn a 5-4-3 game-winning double play. Both calls at second and first were close. Almost too close for Joe. Reid Brignac did a helluva turn at second as well.

Joe damned near spilled his beer in excitement.

Meanwhile James “Had a Game” Shields really got the job done tonight. Whenever he doesn’t allow a homer he has a shot to win. Anytime you only allow two runs, you should be in the game and that proved true tonight.

Nice to see Grant Balfour come in and clean up Randy Choate’s mess. Then you have the best one-two punch in the major leagues: your 2011 closer Joaquin Benoit and MFIKY. Nice.

Merlot Joe, isn’t it about time to name Matt Joyce your starting right fielder? You lauded him in your postgame comments and suggested he just needs a little more confidence. Kinda hard to do that sitting in the dugout watching Gabe Kapler play.

Joe believes Joyce has proven he should be given an extended shot in right field.

All in all a solid win. Nope, the Rays aren’t hitting. But if they continue to get pitching and defense the way they did tonight, that covers quite nicely for the lack of bats.



  1. Tom says:

    I would not be too hard on Choate, that hit by Damon had eyes.

  2. Tom says:

    I also hated (even though it worked) walking the bases loaded with Cabrera.

  3. Don says:

    The only way Joyce plays fulltime in RF is to bench Upton for Zo in CF...
    Which would be the right move but will not happen with Maddon!
    Everyone talks about Uptons Speed but Zo has 20 stolen bases (27 for Upton) and certainly doesn't get picked off as much as Upton!
    I also don't want to hear anything more about Jaso's defensive abilities...NO other Rays catcher now or before makes that play at the plate....yo da man Mikey!

    • ramedy says:

      I like to think of Don as a baseball commenting performance artist, like Andy Kaufman with a very specific niche.

    • Don says:

      Who said I liked Joyce..I said the only he plays is if they bench Upton because he sure isn't going to take Zo's place..please try to read and understand....an 8th grader could help you...
      Also you sound like "the type" that would "love" Joyce...please...

  4. Amanda says:

    Joyce can't play every day. He may get tired. The poor thing.


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