Could the Rays have played with any less urgency?

Joe gets that this was a double rain delay, shortened mess of a game with the Rays on the wrong side of a one-hitter.

It’s one of those nights, but still the Rays looked flat as can be in the 3-1 loss.

Aside from the dead bats, John Jaso’s throwing error was catchable by Jason Bartlett. Ben Zobrist’s ill-advised flying leap in right field was way off the mark. And the communication while Carlos Pena and Jeff Niemann covered first base wasn’t good, not to mention Niemann being visibly winded for a while after making that loooong run from the mound to first. 

The streak hit 18 straight duds in Cleveland. But no worries, though. B.J. Upton says it’s not so bad. “You can’t really count tonight,” Upton told after the game. “There was still two innings of baseball left.”

Thanks, Bossman, but the game is over and your team lost a game to the Sox and Yanks.

Joe really hopes you take that attitude to wherever Mr. Friedman can dump you.



  1. Don says:

    I know its only July.... but I really get the feeling the Rays are in free fall..
    how far down..who knows..enought to get beat for 2nd with a healthy or minor league players for Boston... we will see!
    Why do I feel like this:
    1) Does anyone see any aggressivenes at the plate from Rays hitters..
    ok, CC & Longo sometimes... but not enough to carry this team
    2) Pitching that has suddenly turned mediocre and are never prepared for their Garza, Price & even Nieman last night...coaching?
    3) A manager that is completely lost, Maddon is not a leader and is taking the choke..worse than the players..
    The only answer is to a major turn around with all these things is a... big trade, I mean some key players..Pena, Upton, Bartlett...Now!
    or bring in a manager with a completely DIFFERENT
    "Mediocre is not acceptable... and if you don't perform you will be gone"

    • Preston says:

      You just really don't like this team at all, do you? Why are you a "fan" again? You want to replace the whole damn team, and think Minor Leaguers would do better than our big league guys.

      And how many times have you been in the clubhouse with the guys after the game, to know that Maddon isn't a leader? Do you see what's going on behind closed doors?

      • Don says:

        Mr antifreeze..I don't have to be behind close doors...I watch Maddon almost the whole game... but esp. when a decision has to be made...other wise know as "leading"...
        I can tell you, without hearing a word, just watching his face and his body language.. he doesn't know what he is doing..
        Let me give you an example, when a pitcher is having a hard time...walking batters or giving up hits...Maddon is hanging his head in the dugout..and Martinez is asking him what he is going to do, finally he is forced to do something...and more times than not.... its WRONG!

  2. Fredrick says:

    Did anyone else catch a little comment made by Dave Wills during the “Rain Delay Theater” coverage last night that some of these lack luster efforts may be due to some of “the boys” enjoying the off the field nightlife a bit too much in season; especially in games after an off day?

    I’ve heard him allude to this tangentially on several other occasions as well.


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