The Trop is quirky. And still, a lot of Rays fans love The Trop. That being said, The Trop has its problems and the Rays do need a new stadium. In the meantime, you might want to think twice about the concession food.

The following is from a list of “inspection reports for MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL venues in the United States and Canada operating in 2009…The score is based on the percentage of vendors in violation of health requirements.”

Tropicana Field
Tampa Bay Rays
Vendors with critical violations: 100%

Inspection report excerpt: Several violations addressed dirty countertops, utensils and equipment. Although every report indicated a critical violation, all vendors met basic inspection standards to keep operating.

OK, so apparently they didn’t find any rats in the ice cream machine. But the vendors were consistent. The Washington Wizards of the NBA were the only team from the four major sports to score a 100%. And in this case, 100% does not translate to an A+.



  1. Alex says:

    The sad part about that whole thing was that every major sporting venue in Florida had 75% or more in violation

  2. Chris says:

    I think this has to stem from having amateurs run concessions. It is alsways some HS outfit/band, etc...not that they aren't decent people but I could see them not knowing the rules. Also...they are so *painfully* slow in handling the crowds.

    Rays would probably (and considering this report) be best suited by contracting a business to handle this.


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