I was going through the awesome splits section for each player on Fangraphs the other day and thought that it’s a shame that you can’t see some of the better pitching metrics at the team level, instead having to look at each player individually.  So I compiled the lefty/righty splits for every pitcher that has recorded an out this year.  I’ve made a couple of graphs (Click the images to see a larger version) that you can find after the jump, but here’s the table (Click to see entire table) to start:

First some notes, all the data was compiled on 6/30, K/BB% is per plate appearance, AVG/SLG will be off slightly because I could not remove sacrifice flies, and wOBA does not include ROE, but with these caveats mentioned these are solid ballparks and good enough for comparing guys.  On to a couple of charts that I’ve put together:

The green-dashed line indicates overall league average.  I think this goes a long way of showing just how dominant David Price has been this year.  The same can be said for Benoit, Balfour, Soriano, and Choate when he’s used correctly.  We can also see that Wheeler is basically the opposite of Choate, in that, he’s basically been a ROOGY this year.  You can go beyond this though and see things like how Jamie Shields has a better-than-average OBP, but his SLG is basically worst on the team.  Let me know if you found this useful and I will update throughout the season to see if any things radically changes.



  1. Jim says:

    Heh, the title of this post has to be my favorite ballpark chant.

  2. Jim says:

    Another comment, from these splits, it's amazing how much better Soriano is against lefties (considering how good he is against righties).

  3. Beth says:

    What strikes me most is how little the lefty-righty match ups matter, on average, other than Choate and maybe Wheeler. Guys who have been effective (Price, Balfour, Soriano) may be slightly more effective against lefties or righties, but the differences are small. Garza and Soriano, both right handed, actually seem to be marginally better against lefties.

    So....do managers overthink this righty-lefty match-up business?


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