The Rays already made one move this morning, picking up reliever Chad Qualls from the Diamondbacks. We will use this thread to keep you updated on any rumors the rest of the day. You can also follow us on Twitter where we include all the rumors as well as the thoughts and opinions of members of the media.

[4:20 pm] Marc Topkin just called it. Time of death for any other deals is 4:20: “No other deals for Rays today.”

[3:59 pm] Closing in on the deadline and Marc Topkin says it is “unlikely [Rays] make a deal.” Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Adam Dunn is going to stay with the Nationals. And Dan Connolly is hearing that teams “haven’t been too aggressive” for Luke Scott and that the O’s are probably looking for a big return.

[3:25 pm] Here is where trade deadline news gets nutty…First we hear from Jayson Stark that the Rays are not likely to land Brandon League from the Mariners and that the Rays are “unlikely to make another deal today.” But just a few minutes later, Tom Krasovic reports that the Rays are “in the mix” for Luke Scott from the Orioles.

[2:17 pm] Two hours to go and the chatter is starting to pick up. Joel Sherman now says the Rays have shown interest in Brandon League of the Mariners and Scott Downs of the Blue Jays.

[2:09 pm] Ed Price says the Rays and Orioles are having discussions. Price speculates that the Rays could be asking about Luke Scott or Will Ohman.

[1:10 pm] With Grant Balfour headed to the DL, Joel Sherman reports that the Rays are still looking for another relief pitcher.

[12:11 pm] Joel Sherman is reporting that the Rays are still in the market for a right-handed hitter to bat 5th. He adds that “a while back” the Rays called the Dodgers and asked about Manny Ramirez, but didn’t get very far.

[10:00 am] Jayson Stark says that the addition of Qualls (and his salary) means the Rays are less likely to add a bat today. He notes that that Rays are “not pursuing any bat out there aggressively.”



  1. Jim from NPR says:

    Any truth to the rumblings about Luke Scott? Also, anyone else having problems loading up Rays Index?

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Please GOD do not sign Ramirez! The last thing we need is an old-retarded washed up batter who doesn't listen to anyone! I don't want see that idiot in a Rays uni makeing some kind of asinined error and then the broadcasters say "Well, that just Many being Many". That scenario would be just like "A nightmare on Elm Street", we would never wake up out of that hell-hole. Not for me please.

  3. Cork Gaines says:

    Balfour to the DL. Quall will take his spot on roster.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hope it's nothing serious.

    • Perry says:

      Tampa Bay added Chad Qualls this morning, but lost Grant Balfour to the DL for 4-6 weeks with an intercostal strain (Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times reporting on Twitter).

  4. Jim from NPR says:

    For the first time, I can truly say I am disappointed in Rays management. Unless there is some surprise in the August trades, the Yankess just improved in depth all the way around, and we stand pat, excuse me, add Chad Qualls. If I am wrong, I will apologize, but we did NOTHING to improve ourselves, and I have to wonder if it is because the front office is just to sure of themselves and what they have.

    • Scot says:

      Which Yankee player does Kearns improve upon? And who does Berkman replace?

      I almost choked on my toast when I say Qualls to the Rays, until an examination of fundamentals - this guy has to be having the single unluckiest season of any player. His K/9 is decent, his BB/9 is a bit high. The defense behind him is horrendous. The Rays are putting a great deal of "faith" in SABRmetrics.

  5. ac3 says:

    dammit...rays needed a bat and we got bullpen help, yankees needed bullpen help and they got bats

  6. YRM on iPod touch says:

    The Rays curse of no/bad trades continue, this may be the day we look back and see as the day the Rays lost any chance to knock off the Yanks

  7. Thad says:

    Rays fans are annually disappointed that no major moves are made but in case you haven't noticed that's just not their M.O. And they DO have the 2nd best record in MLB. They buy low and sell high. It's just what they do. I think the players embrace the "us against Goliath" mentality. As opposed to going out and overpaying for a bunch of rental players.


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