If you are a baseball fan, we can’t recommend Morgan Ensberg’s blog enough. And while Ensberg never played a regular season game with the Rays he was briefly a member of the organization during spring training in 2009. That stint was over earlier than Ensberg would have liked, and in his blog he writes about the conversation with Joe Maddon that marked the end (thanks Thad)…

I could feel pride moving in and that, for me, was bad. If there is something that you need to know about me, it’s that I don’t like pride. I believe pride is selfish. I believe that pride blocks you from seeing the truth. Some people think that pride is a virtue. It is glorified in this country. It is a buzzword used in TV commercials and patriotic speeches. But pride isn’t good. Those people who use the word often, confuse pride with honor. Honor is good. Honor inspires respect. Honor is humbling. Honor shows that you hold yourself to a higher standard while also respecting authority. My goal is always honor.

A surprisingly honest account in a profession that is usually filled with clichés and stock responses.

Be sure to click through to read the entire account.



  1. Charles says:

    The thing I love about his blog is that he's got his own voice and he's not trying to write like something he's not. I've been hooked ever since he showed up on Twitter and mentioned he had a blog.

  2. Lawrence says:

    I don't know what the opposite of a hat tip is but both you, Cork, and Thad deserve one. I really wish you hadn't highlighted Ensberg's blog! I have reports due and people to call back but I can't stop reading his blog. I've spent all morning reading his blog (if my IT department is reading this, I have NOT spent all morning reading his blog) It's unbelievable! Great stuff!!

    On a somewhat similar note. Have you picked up The Bullpen Gospels from Dirk Hayhurst? It's a great read with a lot of comical insights of life in the minors. (Sorry Don, no pop-up pictures so you probably wouldn't like it)

  3. Don says:

    Maddon tears out MY heart every night with the line up.....
    Pena, Upton, Burrell.....back to back is the best....8 strike outs last night...anyway.... top of the order saves his ass again!...How much longer?

  4. Jason Hanselman says:

    That's extremely well said by Mr. Ensberg. Kudos on your insight, sir.


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