Two years ago on Rays Index we relayed one of the most impressive drinking stories we have ever heard. And it involved Wade Boggs.

Wade Boggs, The God Of Baseball Drinking [Rays Index]





  1. Don says:

    About a year ago I meet a guy in the grandstand and we had a few and he was bitching about the cost of beer at the Trop. ($8.00)..
    I told him about the Whitney Bank club where you can drink (free) after you pay for the ticket...he said "no way"...I said of course its only good if you drink a lot... "how many do you drink a game"....He said at least 15 to 20..I said no way in 7 innings...He said at the 7th inning he has each of his friends(3) buy an extra beer for the 8th & 9th so he won't run out...
    Now everytime I see him he thanks me for the tip... he is now a loyal Whitney customer....and he never seems drunk!


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