Earlier we talked about Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford and their standings in the early All-Star game voting. But there is a third Tampa Bay Ray with an outside shot at being elected a starter…Pat Burrell.

Burrell is currently 4th, ahead of David Ortiz and trailing Vladimir Guerrero by about 240,000 votes.

And now The Fightins think it would be a good idea to support Burrell’s campaign.

Pat Burrell is currently FOURTH in the All-Star game voting for American League DH. He is only 244,068 votes behind Vladimir Guerrero, the leader in that particular category. PLEASE VOTE PAT BURRELL [VPB2010]

Surprisingly, we love this idea. Would Burrell be able to go? Would he be forced to wear a generic AL jersey? Would Burrell have to spend two days answering questions about how much he sucks and whether he should even be there? Would he answer questions from the St. Pete Times? The possibilities are endless. And all of them make us giddy as a schoolgirl.



  1. ramedy says:

    It's a shame that MLB limits the number of times you can vote (with one e-mail address I think) online - otherwise Pat Burrell could be the Rory Fitzpatrick of baseball.

  2. Greg says:

    I actually really enjoy the all star game and don't mind if people vote for their favorites or the most deserving. But this strikes me as just sort of silly at best and mean-spirited at worst. Plus, I think he will have signed with someone by then so you lose the best part of the joke (no jersey to wear). And if he actually does well for a couple weeks before the game, the joke will be on you. Don't give him that! He's taken enough from us. This will not end well.

    • Andy says:

      If he does well so be it. That wouldn't change the fact that releasing him was a smart move anymore than his suckitude nullifies the fact that he was a good deal at the time he was signed.

  3. Don says:

    Makes you wonder about the whole "voting" system...who would vote for him? not Rays fans, not other team fans, probably not Philly fans....WHO?
    Can someone rig the voting for a joke..lots of computer nuts having fun?

  4. Matt says:

    I'm just guessing that some Rays fans just vote for every Ray they know. Like how is Navarro fifth?


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