As promised, the Rays donned anti-Flyers for their road trip north of the border. Most players chose Blackhawks (click on image for larger version).



  1. ramedy says:

    I think there are 5 Lightning jerseys in there. I'm a bit surprised the Bolts didn't jump to give the team jerseys after the article about Hickey getting the Blackhawks jerseys; or maybe the Lightning offered, but the Rays didn't want the jinx of that franchise. I'd still pick a Lightning jersey over a Bucs one.

  2. Amanda says:

    There's always a lot of talk about whether people should "give up their old teams from up north" in Tampa. Joe Maddon should be the ultimate poster child for this. He's even refusing to wear a Flyers jersey because he's still mad at the Phillies. If half the people in Tampa would give up their old teams, attendance problems would be solved. (Of course, I'm one to talk. Five years on, and I'm still Rays/Bucs/Lightning/Magic all the way.)

  3. Bill says:

    Isn't there a hockey team in Tampa Bay? Can you imagine how angry Philadelphia would be if the entire Phillies team decided to put on any team other than Flyer's jerseys, for any reason. Ridiculous.

    It is a shame a team as good as Tampa is stuck in Florida with few fans and an idiot coach who bleaches his hair.

  4. will.H says:

    no one cares about the rays or this blog. Everything you need to know about Tampa is encompassed in this story. The Rays are mad. Everyone point and giggle.

    • MMGG says:

      NO ONE cares? Well, you sure have shown us what you think of yourself by posting here... lol


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