One year ago on Rays Index we wrote about Pat Burrell’s finest moment with the Rays. After Kerry Wood threw at BJ Upton, the benches cleared. But Burrell was in the trainer’s room without pants on. What he did next defies believability. Luckily we have pictures.

Pat Burrell Caught With His Pants Down [Rays Index]





  1. ramedy says:

    Compare this with Hanley's shenanigans yesterday, and it really is hard to hate Burrell no matter how much of a waste of payroll and roster space he was. I don't doubt what Maddon kept saying, that Burrell really was making an effort to fix his issues.

    Still glad he's gone, but it's nothing personal.

  2. MJ says:

    I wish i could've liked burrell. gotta believe part of his perceived "bad/indifferent attitude" was due to a rocky marriage/potential divorce and the fact he couldn't hit anymore and his career could be over. That would have me pissed off nearly 24/7.

  3. Joe D. says:

    The problem I had with Burrell was we see him in Philly he's Mr. Fitness looking guy then he signs a $17MM deal w/ Rays and he shows up 30lbs heavier, with a double chin, earns the nickname Pat the Fat, and spends half of his first season as a Ray on the DL. I'd say part of things not working out for him in tampa bay had to do with his lack of fitness... Oh yeah Burrell was also supposed to give Crawford some days off his feet while he was here, I remember Burrell in the field all of one game as a Ray.

    I hope Burrell accepts his assignment to Durham works things out and can give the Rays a boost in September, and maybe even come back next year on a ' hometown' discount if he can prove his worthiness.... But that's probably all a pipe dream...what bum...


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