Earlier this week, former big league pitcher Jose Lima died unexpectedly of a heart attack at age 37. Lima was from Santiago, Dominican Republic, as is Rays relief pitcher Joaquin Benoit. And on Tuesday night, Benoit paid his respects to Lima with a message on his cap (thanks Brian)…

It may be difficult to read from that screengrab, but it says “RIP JL.”

Lima wasn’t the best pitcher ever. And he certainly ruffled a few feathers in his day. But he was a colorful figure in a sport that is noticeably devoid of them nowadays.



  1. Gus says:

    I wonder if Lima's death had anything to do with PED usage. He was on the Houston teams that had Hanz and Franz, Caminiti and Bagwell, and those teams had lots of PED issues.

    Totally sad, as Lima was a fun guy to watch. A throwback to the Luis Tiant's and Mark Fydrich and Bill Lee. Guys who enjoyed pitching out there.

    • Andy says:

      Wait for the autopsy before speculating like this. Sometimes things like this just happen. And Speculating on Lima/Bagwell is two layers of speculation, and patently unfair.

  2. Dustin says:

    Lima was an excellent baseball personality in an era that is characterized by players who have all the personality of Microsoft. He is and will be missed, without a doubt.
    On a lighter note, a good friend of mine is a teacher at the elementary school that Zorilla was taken to today. Forgive me for reprinting a facebook post, but I thought it was great:
    "Dear Ben Zobrist,
    Thanks for being such a nice super humble person. It ruled meeting you today."
    I've never been so jealous of a guy who spends his days dealing with a room full of fifth-graders.

  3. Charles says:

    I recommend checking out Alyson Footer's MLB blog for a number of great Lima stories. As an Astros fan, the dude drove me crazy on the mound sometimes but he's still one of my all time favorites.


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