A reader with a keen eye noticed something strange on a couple of stats pages at MLB.com (thanks Connie). So, tell us again which team is leading Major League Baseball in ERA

If there is one thing we know for certain. The Devil Rays never led the league in ERA. Unless of course you turned your monitor upside-down.

So how did this happen? As best we can tell, the name change can only be found on the team pitching page (above) and on this page, the Rays starting pitchers. It just so happens, the pitching staff is the biggest reason for the Rays hot start. MLB.com offices also just happen to be in New York City, the home of a certain rival of the Rays.

Two plus two gives us a Yankees fan turned MLB.com intern with a little too much free time on their hands.

We hope the intern is independently wealthy, because we doubt Bud Selig is paying them enough to cover the $1 fine for each pageview.



  1. Alex says:

    Kind of random but I noticed last night that espn had Longo's batting average at .316 last night. 10 points lower than it actual is.

  2. Corbitt says:

    You know, the MLB.tv program they released on the playstation 3 has the old green TB logo at the top when you look at their schedule, this program was released this year.

  3. DoctorB00M says:

    Fan-tastic. I wish we really would just go back to being the DEVIL Rays. I'll admit I was all for a uniform change a couple years back, but not this half-assed one they decided upon. Rays just sounds so incredibly generic.

    Tam-pa Bay Dev-il Ray..... now that had some character.


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