Below is a screengrab of ESPN’s MLB page, one hour after last night’s game (click on image for a larger version). You will notice that the Rays victory over the Yankees is not mentioned…ANYWHERE (thanks David).

Let’s ignore for a second that this was a match-up of the two best teams in baseball. The game was televised on ESPN! Think the same thing would have happened if the Yankees won last night? Not a chance in H-E-doublehockeysticks.



  1. Zac says:

    I am so tired of this. ESPN ignores what it wants then swoops in and the "experts" give their 10,000 ft view analysis. Which is a combination of twisted facts and an ability to BS through a conversation. Then the whole nation buys into their perspective. They portray the Rays as this great team that no one in Tampa Bay cares about.

  2. MikeD says:

    Although, I have to say, during the game, it was prominently featured on the front page. I can't remember the exact choice of words, but they were making it clear that the Rays were puttin' a whuppin' on the Yankees. Not taking up for ESPN here, or the North Eastern Sports Programming Network, just making a observation.

  3. Joe D. says:

    I like how Strausberg, still a minor leaguer is on the headlines, of a section called MLB though...

    Maybe we can get a good Danny Almonte story in there too over the Rays...

  4. Deadeye says:

    Reason #5236 why I don't listen to ESPN or go to anymore.

  5. Ryan says:

    At least the Indians/Royals game made the headlines.. I know all of America was anticipating that matchup.. LOL

  6. Connie says:

    You know what drives me nuts is I'll have MLBNetwork on all night and I'll see Yanks-RedSox and Padres-Giants stories over and over and over. And not one thing about the Rays...until the Rays are playing the Yanks. The other night when Jaso ran out that ball to first that ended up being the winning run - they called him Zobrist. And last night, I was all excited about Zobrist tagging up at second and scoring and they were all picking on him because "he should have been halfway between second and third instead of tagging"

    • Michael says:

      I was flipping over from Sunshine to MLB Network at commercial breaks last night during the game, and even after the Rays broke the game wide open MLB Network used that Evan's video game MLB 2K11 or whatever to simulate tonight's matchup and of course had the Yankees winning like 13 to 5 or something like that. What? The Yankees aren't good enough in real life so let's be sure to point out they're rated better in a video game?

      • Amanda says:

        That's a paid advertisement by 2KSports. I've seen that on several broadcasts, not just Rays games.

  7. Don says:

    The bobbleheads that work for ESPN are TOLD what to report, say, and write.... to fall in line with the executives idea of what SELLS! .... and
    It is NOT the Tampabay Rays....right matter how good they are doing!

  8. Rumpy says:

    Was this ever mentioned before? This is the first I heard of a protest from the Yanks.

  9. YRM says:

    we should do a thread on JT The Brick, check out this pathetic tweet:

    Someone should remind those RAYS fans that the playoffs begin in October. It should be easy to count from ZERO championships.

    yep, one of the greatest sports talk trashers in History actually used the zero titles argument, 2 years ago this guy would hang up on Rays fans that we're talking World Series, and then blasted us for losing it, sad and pathetic; he'll probably tweet me a reply of a reply of his desperate tweet about the attendance

  10. Jim says:

    4 jacks tonight, and not one of them shown on Baseball Tonight's "Touch 'em all"

    • YRM says:

      ESPN is stationed in New England, most of the guys running the show are unabashed Red Sox fans with some Yankee fans sprinkled in.

      Plus, when guys like Colin Cowherd say straight up on his show that teams like Tampa don't matter only the Yankees and Red Sox (he blasted them last year for going 84-78, bet you Pirates fans would love that record right now)

  11. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    The boo ya network (AKA ESPN) love to milk Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Mets coverage. ESPN in my book stands for East Coast Sports Programming Network. They treat team like Rays or whoever threatens the big market teams like little nobodies. During spring training, ESPN broadcast games that are involved in the Grapefruit League. Guys like Cowherd, Bayless, Berman, Mike and Mike, Wilbon, Kornheiser, Gammons, Olney and the other sports anchors don't register on my radar.

  12. TBGriot says:

    Most Yankees fans that I know (and originally growing up in New York I know quite a few) can admit that the Rays are good. It's seems they have trouble admitting that our small little ballclub with "ZERO championships" could possibly be better than overpaid talent like Rodriguez, Teixiera and Cap'n Jeter. I know it's early, but come on, 30-11 is not based on luck. Stop making excuses

    Oh and you KNOW posts like this are gonna get people talking about the Rays "persecution complex"


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