Below is a St. Pete Times article from August 26, 1941. Kinda cool (click on image for a larger version)…

Two things we love about this article other than the obvious: 1) apparently anybody could just call the newspaper and tell them anything and it would get published; 2) the witness swore “on a stack of telephone directories.” Really? He swore on a stack of phone books? What does that even mean?



  1. Joe D. says:

    I like the beer league softball game box score... It was an omen... Are ment to have Matt Stairs, and Eric Byrnes

  2. Demetrios says:

    Legend has it that the ray disappeared when he found out that Mr. Newsham was a left handed pitcher. The rest is history.

    My grandpa played for Montgomery Wards and I remember the stories of that legendary series with Pasadena. He blamed the manager for the lack of offensive production on platooning RF and 2B.

  3. smelpy says:

    well, sir, that's a stupid good story.


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