Here is a video of a 18-year old, pre-drugs, pre-tats Josh Hamilton hitting a home for Princeton in 1999. After he rounds the bases, he is greeted at home by a 17-year old Carl Crawford. Below the video is a description from the person that shot the video

I was in Elizabethton, TN in 1998 (or 1999) [Ed. note: Crawford only played for Princeton in ’99] to see my son play minor league baseball for his team, the Elizabethton Twins – an affliate of the Minnesota Twins. They were playing again the Princeton Devil Rays – an affliate of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I made sure to turn on my video camera to capture a young Josh Hamilton hitting – the #1 overall pick in the draft. I have him batting twice – once hitting a homerun to right – the other time he lined out to deep center. Watch carefully, after Josh hits his homerun, (future major league all star) Carl Crawford #24 is there to greet him.


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