Two years ago on Rays Index we learned that Evan Longoria was being promoted to the big leagues and would make his first major league start that night.

The Dirtbag Get’s The Call: Evan Longoria To Start Tonight [Rays Index]





  1. Dustin says:

    for what it's worth, mlbtraderumors ( suggests $12-14 million for c.c. as a free agent. i'm no economist, but if things go well for the rays this season (a big IF, i know) both on the field and at the ticket counter, isn't that a sum they might be willing to pay for him? surely seems reasonable, particularly given the immanent departure of several other high-price players. then again, if he likes his knees and no new stadium deal is immanent, c.c. might be inclined to leave anyway...

  2. Dustin says:

    those hypothetical $12-14/yr would hypothetically be for seven years. perhaps that's a bit much, but a (somewhat) expensive c.c. and (holy freaking) cheap longoria for the next near-decade would go some distance towards solidifying this team in the long run...


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