We just got done reading Beyond Batting Average, by Lee Panas of Detroit Tiger Tales. It is an introductory book on Sabermetrics and the new-age baseball statistics that you often see referenced here and on other sites.

Beyond Batting Average is not going to overwhelm you with math. Rather, it does an excellent job of introducing you to the theory behind many of these stats, the strengths and weaknesses of each and when it might be appropriate to use them.

If you already have a firm grasp on Sabermetrics, then this book may be a little elementary. But if you ever wanted a quick lesson on these stats, then we recommend this book. It is a quick read (we read it in two days) and keeps the discussion simple.

If you are interested, a hard copy can be found HERE and an electronic copy can be ordered HERE.


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  1. Charles says:

    It took us about 2.5 hours to get home from my sister in law's place near Plymouth (about 56 miles) last night because of all the traffic headed to the Red Sox game. It was insane, but I couldn't be too annoyed because it meant that baseball season was here.

    Yahoo's power rankings also have the Rays #4. I feel pretty optimistic that this year's team is going to go places. There's just something in the air . . .

  2. Lee Panas says:

    Thanks for the review. I wasn't expecting it so I'm happy to see it.



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