Ahh Milton Bradley.

This image comes to us via Lookout Landing, and we first saw this story at Big League Stew.

What we love is that Bradley doesn’t even do the “pretend to scratch my head” routine. Nope. He is not even going to pretend that he is not an ass.

Let’s see…there was the story where he didn’t dismiss the idea that the Cubs were purposefully giving him racist mail. There was the “loafing” after a flyball in the first game of spring training. And there were the two ejections during spring training and the assertion that he was “not going to change.” Who the hell gets ejected during spring training…Twice?!?

That’s a hell of a first two months with the Mariners.

Pat Burrell may not be able to OPS like Bradley, but at least he keeps his middle finger in his pants.



  1. Justin says:

    MB is a loser. I have no idea why anyone would want this nutcase--maybe stat heads who discount the emotional/clubhouse side of baseball.

  2. Don says:

    Maddon said he could HANDLE him....I'd like to see that!

  3. Joe-Here have a glass of wine and calm down Milton
    MB- *breaks bottle goes on rampage*

    I actually wouldn't have minded MB on this team, thinking at the time he would want to revamp his image and make the Cubs look bad. I also thought the Chicago media blew some stuff out of proportion and baited him occasionally, guess I was wrong. Also about the hate mail thing, he also implied that some of it could be coming from Cubs officials, though I think they save those for Soriano.


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