There are many black sheep in the Devil Rays family, one of which is Jose Canseco. The former slugger and admitted steroid user has quite a following on Twitter (more than 300,000). And it is not unusual for the Bash Brother to say crazy things. But whether it was drugs or depression or bi-polar disorder or the need for a straight-jacket or just a publicity stunt, yesterday Canseco just lost it.

Here are some of the high (low?) lights (warning, vulgar language ahead)…

U fucking scum bags don’t have the balls to get in the ring mean while u talk shit about me say it to my face low life humans

This world is full of lyars scum hypocrits and cowards not to mention corrupt politicians that’s y the end is near. Look in the mirror

@bigsicktrucks fuck u bitch

We are geneticly an evil species that needs to be corrected

@JonBorowski found it in ur ass all ten inches

I wish I could bring this anger into the ring btween what baseball has done to me and u fucking haters I could kill somèone rite now

@AmyAtCiti u understood me so shut the fuck up and go suck a dick

U motherfuckerfs can dish it out but u can’t take it I new u where cowards fucking genetic malfunctions should have been killed at birth

You fuckers need me to put u in ur place

@iamjmac did u suck ur morning cock ur an escort

@brandstatter I bet I could work ur wife little dick

The government looks at us like if we where rats that need to be controoled or exterminated

I wanted to be a comedian or an actor or freddie krueger one two freddies coming for u

Goodbye all of my stupid inbread followers remember stupid is as stupid does.dammm I love u guys

And that is less than half of his tweets that covered a three-hour span.

Soooo, about that Devil Rays old-timers game. Think Jose is still invited?



  1. Carey says:

    The indellible image I will always have of Jose is during an ESPN interview about McGwire/Sosa wearing a white wife-beater on his cheetah-print couch.

    Love ya Jose! Always keeping it classy!!!

  2. MJ says:

    josey just needs to chief up and chill out. roid rage anyone?

  3. Rome says:

    Crazy, yes. But, I think it might be a slight publicity stunt to promote his "fighting" career. Look, no one will notice you if you are normal and rational.

    Jose was a juicer but he did a lot for Hispanic community around Miami and Tampa areas. I have met him on 8 occasions and he was always kind, down to earth and sincere.

    I hope he gets his head right, if it has indeed fallen off, and moves forward with life.

  4. Alex says:

    He seems to be a very intelligent individual

  5. Amy says:

    Who the HELL gives a damn about the Bucs....A shitty team, playing in a half ass town, to a half empty stadium...and thats what you have to talk about when the Rays are going GREAT...thats why you are SMALL TIME!


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