I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Jason and for the last year, I’ve written under a couple of different names at Draysbay.com.  Cork has been nice enough to grant me the chance to bring my style of analysis to you over the weekend for the foreseeable future.  As you are a new audience, feel free to break me in over here as I’ve only visited glancingly in the past.  As I learn from you, hopefully you will be able to learn something from me.  The biggest thing that I’m looking to do is to create dialog that is constructive and something that people can learn from.  Different perspectives can bring different things to the table, and with that in mind, my perspective is usually going to be grounded in numbers.  I’m a huge baseball nerd that has read a little and generally seeks refuge in sabremetric concepts.  Some of these I will be able to introduce you to if you are not familiar with a concept or what certain things mean.  That said, ASK QUESTIONS.  There is nothing wrong with not understanding something, but there can be when information turns into disinformation.  At the end of the day, I consider myself one of the biggest Rays fans in existence.  The intention was for this to be just a quick introduction before getting into more analytical stuff tomorrow, so in the meantime, fire away if you have any questions or comments, otherwise let’s kick back and enjoy what is sure to be a great next 6 months.



  1. Andy says:

    "As I learn from you, hopefully you will be able to learn something from me."

    "If I can change, you can change, everybody can change!"
    - Rocky

  2. Rayhawk says:

    Welcome to our site, looking forward to what you can bring to the table. cork has a very sick and twisted humor(which i and my wife enjoy) hope you can do the same.

    no pressure....LOL

    Again welcome


  3. Sublime says:

    Welcome Jason, I visit D-RaysBay sometimes, but the math over there makes my head hurt, so please break it down for me as a laymen.

    • Myrna says:

      I totally agree! All those numbers and letters gave me a headache too. That's why I stopped going to that site. Please make it easier for us to understand your lingo.

  4. You and Cork will be a great duo, glad to see two of my favorite Rays writers on top of things together, and hope you enjoy RI's SF1.

  5. Don says:

    I'm not a Navarro fan, BUT I am proud of him sticking up for his pitcher(s) last night! Maddon sits there like a dope when things are tight and one of his players gets tossed...Do your job Joe and let the umps know your alive!

  6. smelpt says:

    Welcome 🙂

  7. I prefer to turn "information into disinformation" when given the chance, that's why I work at a TV station. 🙂

    BTW, what's your most recent name at DRaysBay for those of us not in the know?

    • Jason Hanselman says:

      My most recent name was Andy Hellicksonstine and previously wrote as Sandy Kazmir. I try to joke around, but if you search out my stuff I think a lot of it is very informative and accessible. As mentioned above, if you ever have any questions feel free to ask, a lot of it is new information, but is no different than other things that you have used all of your life, i.e. how is wOBA harder to understand than batting average, how is FIP harder to understand than ERA, etc...

  8. deadeye says:

    Well, there goes the neighborhood......

    Just kidding, welcome!

  9. Sam says:



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